7 Hybrid Cats Breeds

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These are the seven hybrid cat breeds to consider if you want a cat with a distinctive appearance that differs from domestic cats in other ways, such as having wild-looking stripes and spots, large eyes, and other characteristics. Domestic cats can breed with wild or undomesticated cat breeds to produce hybrid kittens.

This breeding may be carried out in an effort to produce cats with more wild patterns, colors, and other physical features, or to combine certain domestic and wild cats’ preferred personality traits and other characteristics.



While hybrid-cats often look like domestic cats, many early generations can have very wild personality traits that may make them more of a challenge to care for when compared to domestic house cats.

Features specific to a breed

Although some hybrid cat breeds are more cunning and active than others, all of them have the potential to have very wild instincts. If you’re considering getting a hybrid cat breed, you should be aware that the first, second, and sometimes even third generations of these cats will exhibit more of these wild characteristics than later generations. For these earlier generations, additional intellectual and physical stimulation will be needed.

The following list of seven hybrid cat breeds shows how their appeal has increased over time.

  1. Bengal Cat

Bengal cats, which should not be confused with Bengal tigers, are hybrids of domestic cats, especially the Egyptian Mau and the Asian Leopard Cat. These cats are renowned for their marbling and wild-looking spots, but they also frequently enjoy the water and have very canine personalities. Bengal cats may be more prone to developing the diseases hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, retinal atrophy, and pyruvate kinase deficiency.

Breed Overview

  • HEIGHT: 8-10 inches
  • WEIGHT: 8-15 lbs.
  • COAT AND COLOR: Short hair, wide variety of colors with spots, rosettes, or marbling
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: 9-15 years
  1. Savannah Cat

Savannah cats, spotted hybrid cats that are taller than Bengal cats and prized for their unusual markings, are also popular. They are usually a cross between a serval and a domestic cat and is the largest type of recognized and registered pet cat breed. Although some states and cities forbid owning Savannah cats, particularly older generations, the majority of jurisdictions regard them as domesticated pets.

Breed Overview

  • HEIGHT: 14-17 inches
  • WEIGHT: 7.5 – 24 lbs.
  • COAT AND COLOR: Short hair, brown, silver, or black colors with spots
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12-20 years
  1. Chausie

Chausies are a cross between jungle cats and domestic cats. They are playful cats that enjoy the company of other cats, dogs, and people and are very social. Chausies are built for running and jumping and also often resemble Abyssinian cats but like some other hybrids, they could be prone to developing intestinal issues.

Breed Overview

  • HEIGHT: 14-18 inches
  • WEIGHT: 8-16 lbs.
  • COAT AND COLOR: Short hair, solid black, black grizzled tabby, and black/brown ticked tabby
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12-14 years
  1. Serengeti

Unlike other hybrids, the Serengeti is a cross between two domesticated cat breeds – the Bengal cat and Oriental shorthair. They have slimmer features than their Bengal cousins but maintain the exotic, spotted coat and the ultimate goal of this breed is to look like a Savannah cat without using wild cats to breed. They are very active and agile and maintain the vocal attributes of their Oriental shorthair ancestors.

Breed Overview

  • HEIGHT: 8-10 inches
  • WEIGHT: 8-15 lbs.
  • COAT AND COLOR: Short hair, variety of colors with spots
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: 8-12 years
  1. Cheetoh

If you like spots then you will love cheetoh cats. This newer hybrid cat breed was developed from crossing the Bengal cat having an ocicat in an attempt to create a gentle but wild-looking breed. This hybrid cat is a large-bodied cat but is said to get along well with other pets as well as people. The cheetoh is not as common as the Bengal or Savannah but is growing in popularity due to its striking markings.

Breed Overview

  • HEIGHT: 12-18 inches
  • WEIGHT: 12-25 lbs.
  • COAT AND COLOR: Short hair, multiple colors with spots.
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: 10-15 years
  1. Toyger

If you’re after stripes without having a pet tiger than a toyger may be what you’re looking for. Developed by crossing a Bengal cat with a domestic tabby cat, this breed is friendly and highly trainable. Like many other purebred cats, toygers can be prone to developing heart dis usuallyease but are very playful and make great house cats even though they are not as common as Bengals.

Breed Overview

  • HEIGHT: 9-13 inches
  • WEIGHT: 7-15 lbs.
  • COAT AND COLOR: Short hair, brown to orange with black stripes
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: 10-15 years
  1. Pixie-Bob

Generally agreed to be a cross between a bobcat and a domestic cat, pixie-bobs are thought to be the only pet hybrid cat that may have naturally occurred. Like bobcats, pixie-bobs have a bobbed or shorter tail and ear tufts. They make chirping noises and usually have polydactyl toes.

Breed Overview

  • HEIGHT: 9-13 inches
  • WEIGHT: 8-17 lbs.
  • COAT AND COLOR: Often short-haired but can have long hair, brown, red, or rust color with spotting
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13-15 years

Many hybrid cat breeds are recognized as domesticated cats but like other purebred cats, each breed is known for its own unique features. Researching any breed of cat before committing to caring for it is important for any cat owner, regardles of whether or not you are considering a hybrid.


  • Do hybrid cats make good pets?

Hybrid cats are often more challenging to own than domestic cats, because they are crossed with wild cats. This increases the chance that they will be more difficult than a domestic cat.

  • Why are hybrid cats banned?

Hybrid cats are banned because they are more dangerous than domestic cats, and may harm humans–especially children and the elderly.

  • What is the biggest hybrid cat?

The regal Savannah cat is the largest hybrid house-cat; its average weight is 15 to 20 pounds.

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