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Due to their enormous size and amiable, cuddly demeanor, Maine coon cats are frequently referred to as the gentle giants of the cat world, and for good reason. Male Maine coon cats can weigh up to 18 pounds, while females can weigh up to 16 pounds. A Maine coon typically measures 39 to 40 inches in length.


These lovely and furry animals have a long history because they are among the oldest domestic cat breeds in the United States. Any person who already owns a Maine coon or is considering getting one will be delighted by these fascinating details and lovely pictures of these king-sized animals.

Given their larger size and shaggy, dark fur, some people believe Maine coon cats are the result of semi-domesticated cats breeding with raccoons.

  1. Enticing origin myths

Maine Coons are believed to be the only cat breed to have originated in the nation, as well as citizens of the Pine Tree State. Following are a few breed genesis theories:

  • Although the first idea was found to be false, it is nevertheless important to talk about because it is so generally held. However, this theory is unreasonable from a biological perspective.
  • According to the second hypothesis, current Maine coon cats are actually descendants of royal cats. According to folklore, Marie Antoinette sent her pet cats to Wiscasset, Maine, during the French Revolution in an effort to avoid being apprehended. The cats made it to America, but Marie did not, according to history.
  • Third hypothesis: Long-haired cats brought to New England by European sailors in the 1700s were crossed with domestic shorthair cats. The final product were Maine coons. This theory has some support. Given how much Maine coons resemble Norwegian forest cats, this is the theory for the origin of the species that is most widely accepted.
  1. They Come in a Variety of Coats

Despite the fact that when we think of Maine coons, we often image them with thick, brown coats resembling raccoons, they actually have a broad variety of colors and patterns. For Maine coons, there are actually about 75 possible color and pattern combinations.

  1. Cat in Very Cold Weather

Maine coons were born in a cold climate with harsh winters, therefore they are constantly prepared for extreme winter weather. Their thick, water-resistant coats actually make them good swimmers, and they have large, tufted paws that practically serve as miniature, built-in snow boots. Their incredibly long, bushy tails can be wrapped around their bodies to increase warmth.

4. Meowless Cats

Maine coons don’t truly meow when they want to talk to their owners, unlike the majority of cats and kittens (or occasionally with other cats). Instead, they chirp and trill (which is a combination of a meow and a purr).

It is believed that cats chirp when they see prey and trill when they are joyful. Given that Maine coons were regularly used as micers, hunters, and farm cats, this theory seems plausible.

  1. Water-Loving Cat

Maine coon cats, in contrast to many other cats, are superb swimmers and genuinely like being in the water. Their incredibly thick, water-repellent coats help keep them somewhat dry when they come into contact with water.

  1. Cat in First Position

The first American cat show, which took place in 1895 in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, was won by a brown tabby Maine coon named Cosey.

Following the cat show in New York City, their notoriety skyrocketed. The fifth cat ever registered when the Cat Fanciers’ Association was established in 1906 was Molly Bond, a Maine Coon. Following that, in 1968, the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association was founded.

In the United States, Maine coons are currently the third most popular breed. They are also well-liked in Japan and Europe.

  1. The recognized state feline of Maine

In 1985, the Maine coon was officially declared the state cat. Due to their intriguing origin story, integrated winter attire, and enormous stature, they make the best representatives for the Pine Tree State of America.

8. World Records-winning cats

It goes without saying that Maine coons are large cats. But Stewie, a Maine coon, broke the previous record for the longest domestic cat ever. Stewie was gigantic; his length from tip to tail was 48.5 inches. The normal Maine coon measures between 39 and 40 inches in length.

9. The Breakthrough Science Cat

The initial pet to be commercially cloned was a Maine coon named Little Nicky. His owner paid $50,000 to Genetic Savings and Clone, Inc. in 2004 to clone some of Little Nicky’s tissue that she had kept in a gene bank. Unfortunately, the company is no longer in operation. According to reports, the cloned cat looked and behaved exactly like Little Nicky.


  • The exact size of a Maine Coon cat is unclear.

Maine Coons are big cats, weighing between 11 and 25 pounds on average, with larger males than females.

  • How old is a Maine Coon cat on average?

The Maine Coon has a 12- to 15-year lifetime.

  • What kind of food do Maine Coon cats eat?

Different people have different ideas on what foods Maine Coons should have eaten. We suggest you either address this with the breeder you purchased it from or your veterinarian to make sure yours is eating the right food.

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