10 Best Cats With Big Ears

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A creature needs big ears to survive in the wild. For instance, cats have satellite-like ears that enable them to hear even the smallest sounds when hunting.

Most domesticated cats use their extraordinary ears, the crinkle of a treat bag, or the jingle of a toy to wait for the arrival of their favorite persons. There are many different appearances and characteristics among the cat breeds with large ears. Others are extremely lively, athletic, and action-oriented, while others are more peaceful and affectionate.

All ten of these cat breeds have extremely large ears.


Although cats are quite good at grooming themselves, it is usually required to frequently check the hygiene of their ears for health reasons. Watch out for excessive wax, dirt, and odd scents. All day long, they adore company and taking center stage.

  1. Abyssinian

An Abyssinian has ears that are dispersed to the sides, as if they were always listening to something. This type of cat is among the oldest, although not knowing where it came from. The Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia were likely home to its forebears. Modern Abyssinian cats are clever, entertaining, and energetic. They also like being the center of attention.

2. Indonesian

The large triangular ears on the longhaired Siamese cat breed’s descendant, the Balinese, perhaps resulted from a genetic mutation. These cats also have a wild disposition. These felines frequently exhibit friendliness, playfulness, and affection. They typically get along with children and other animals and like spending time with their loved ones.

  1. Chausie

The Chausie has large, angled ears that are long and wide. To produce this hybrid cat breed in the 1990s, Abyssinians and jungle cats were crossed. Even while the contemporary Chausie is more “wild at heart” and less genuinely wild, it is still not a lap cat. The majority of people prefer active play and lots of attention over spending time at home by themselves.

  1. Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is an impressive sight with its distinctive wavy coat and large, narrow ears that resemble bats. The kitten with the genetic mutation for a wavy coat was born in Cornwall, England, hence the breed’s name. These cats are now frequently intelligent, active, and sociable. They enjoy engaging in a lot of social interaction but are usually not cuddly lap cats.

  1. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex has a mischievous grin and a “elfin” appearance due to its enormous ears. It has been said that this breed is so gregarious and playful that it could pass for a dog. Because of its small stature and energetic personality, this cat usually acts and appears like a kitten for the majority of its life. The Devon Rex has a silky, wavy coat that appears to wave when you rub it.

  1. African Mau

The Egyptian Mau’s big, somewhat forward-curving ears give the cat a watchful appearance. The only domestic cat breed with a naturally spotted coat is this one, and it most likely descended from wild cats that roamed Ancient Egypt. These cat athletes are renowned sprinters with a predilection for climbing. To keep children’s minds and bodies active, play must entail interaction.

  1. Chinese

It should not be surprising that the Oriental has big, triangular ears as this breed is descended from the Siamese. It looks like the Siamese even though it has more coat variants. This energetic and lively breed of dog has a strong propensity to develop strong bonds with its favored individuals.

  1. Atlanta

The Savannah cat is essentially a cross between African servals and domestic cats. The Savannah’s big, long ears are another feature that greatly adds to the breed’s wild aspect. Lean and muscular, the breed’s smooth coat is close to the body and resists matting. They are highly smart and energetic, but they also have a tendency to be family-oriented and regularly make requests for attention. Kids need to be engaged both mentally and physically, which requires a lot.

  1. Siamese

The sleek Siamese cat has big ears that are frequently a darker tint than the rest of its hair. The affectionate and active cats of this breed have captured the hearts of cat enthusiasts since the late 1800s. They routinely “chat” with their owners at all hours of the day and night, especially if they have something to say. These cats are well known for their vocalizations. Ask your veterinarian to demonstrate how to clean your cat’s ears as well.

  1. Sphynx

Because of their distinctive features and wrinkled skin, sphynx cats stand out. Many of the cats who have no hair on the outside actually have downy fluff covering some or all of their bodies. But the parts of their head that stand out the most are their big ears and eyes. They are widely known for making their owners laugh with goofy antics and are frequently loving and sociable cats (especially when it’s cold outside).

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