What to Know Before You Buy Food and Water Dishes For Your Cat

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It’s not only a simple issue of choosing the cutest pattern or the ideal size when purchasing food and water dishes for your cat. Here are a few crucial factors to take into account before choosing.

Apply a Mat

Nowadays, a lot of “designer” cat food containers come with coordinating “placemats.” First off, a lot of cats have an allergy to plastic and get an acne-like skin disease on their chins. Second, because plastic tends to nick and scratch, the small fissures that result serve as a germ-breeding habitat. If at all possible, stay away from plastic.

The Safest Substances for Cat Food Bowls

Unbreakable, strong, dishwasher-safe, and safe for cats is stainless steel. Most veterinarians recommend it (together with ceramic bowls). Ceramic is a viable alternative as long as the glaze is lead-free. (Most do these days.)


Keep Them Scented

Cats dislike using unclean dishes and bowls for food or drink. Cheap plastic placemats shaped like people are also wonderful. Dry food dishes should ideally be rinsed daily and should be put in the dishwasher at least once every few days. Every day, put the bowls used for canned food through the dishwasher.

Size and Form

Bowls ought to be big enough to accommodate a serving-size of cat food (one to two cups). Except for the fact that straight-sided bowls are less prone to topple over and create a mess, shape isn’t really crucial.


Plastic Dishes

These mats serve to support the dish and to catch any dribbles that may come out, despite the fact that plastic bowls are typically strong. You can create your own placemat by using disposable materials like leftover carpet or cardboard from boxes. Even dry food contains enough fat and moisture to form a film in the plate. Spills of liquid can be wiped off, and they don’t soak through.


Robotic Feeders

Everybody has experienced those situations where you need to spend the night away or your supervisor requests that you stay late at work. Free feeding isn’t always the solution, especially if the cat is overweight. Automatic feeders come to the rescue. These can be sophisticated electronic feeders that can be programmed over a period of days or they can be straightforward battery-operated feeders that might open at the designated moment.

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