Why Do Cats Sit in Squares?

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Cats sit in squares ?

Cats occasionally behave strangely. They like to sit in squares, for example. Why do they have to sit like this all the time?

Do you remember the trend on social media where cat owners would use tape to “construct” squares on the ground to see whether their feline friend would be compelled to sit in the square? Why do most cats choose to sit in squares, whether they are drawn on the ground or constructed out of three-dimensional cardboard boxes? It’s fun to observe which cats choose to do so and which ones ignore it. Here is what we discovered after deciding to do some research.

This makes cats feel more secure.

Your cat may choose to pack herself into small areas, which may seem bizarre to you (how could that possibly be comfortable?! ), but to her, it is a safe refuge where she may feel protected. Your cat can watch the excitement without getting caught up in the commotion because she is shielded from the potentially dangerous open space around her.

Even the tiniest kittens understand the value of a limited space with walls for protection because mother cats prefer to give birth in such confined areas and tend to their young. Because a box with walls can simulate the soothing pressure that cats feel against the bodies of their mothers and littermates, cats are still drawn to them even as adults.

However, a square drawn on the ground is not a box at all as it has no walls and cannot offer sufficient protection. So why are cats still using the lines?

Squares = Flat Boxes

Your cat may hurry to the square on the floor, thinking it will have the same effect as sitting inside a box, making her feel more at ease.

That square seems like a box even though there are no walls there. It might provide your intriguing cat with the identical sensation of security that a real box would, and that is satisfactory.

In essence, something is better than nothing—even a square drawn on the ground.

What Happens If Your Cat Isn’t Going to Be Tricked?

Not all cats who see a square drawn on the ground will be motivated to sit down inside of it. They might just give it a quick glance and go on. This could mean that your cat is simply too comfortable to care about being in an open space, or it could mean that you can’t outsmart your feline companion (excellent work making your home a place your cat likes!).


Improve Your Cat’s Environment Using Boxes and Covering Spots

Given that cats favor squares because they represent comfortable, small areas, you can enhance your pet’s environment by giving her genuine boxes to sit in. There are many additional cubbies that may be placed all throughout your house so that your pet has a selection of places to unwind. The same level of security and comfort can be provided by a cubby in a cat tree, plus the extra advantage of being able to see everything from a higher vantage point.

Who would have guessed that a silly social media trend could tell us so much about our feline friends?

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