Why Do Cats Love Trees?

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Cats Love Trees

People other than birds can perch. Do you realize how much your cat likes to climb cat trees? Let’s look at the factors that contribute to cats loving indoor trees with views.

Indoor cats can enjoy climbing and relaxing on artificial “cat trees” in place of access to natural trees. They can observe everything going on from their perch atop their cat tree, where they may also play, sleep, and unwind.

But why do so many cats enjoy perching on top of buildings nearby to observe their domain and everything below? Is the only motivation to feel stronger, or is there another motive?

Cats use height to keep themselves safe

Cats living outside sometimes like to climb trees so they can observe their surroundings safely from a high vantage point. Additionally, they might hide in a tree from predators or pursue prey. Your indoor cat exhibits the same behaviors as well.

Your cat may sit and observe her surroundings while also using her cat tree to flee from other cats in the house. In fact, a cat tree may assist to reduce cat fights in your home by giving them a place to hide out.

Cats that are timid are more secure.

Frightened cats can benefit from a cat tree by using it to climb up high to assess their surroundings and watch them confidently.

If your cat usually hides and stays out of the open, installing a cat tree with a high perch or hiding might give her the ideal area to feel protected. Even if your cat hides under the bed less often when she is in her cat tree and feels safe spending time with the family.

More Space for Your Cat

A vertical cat tree will provide both of the vertical and horizontal territories that your cat values. As a result, she will have more room and her living area will be larger.

If you have numerous cats but they don’t necessarily like to hang out together, a cat tree can be a great alternative. On a large tree with many levels, hideaways, and perches, the space each cat chooses can be shared with ease.

The Richness of a Happy Cat

Simply explained, cat trees are so common because cats like to climb them. Both kittens and adults may have pleasure using their bodies to balance and reach lofty places.

If you choose a cat tree with integrated scratching posts, your cat can scratch away without risking damaging your furnishings. Your pet will be content to use the extra solitude anytime she needs some alone time, especially if it has hiding places.


Considerations to Make When Purchasing a Cat Tree

The best cat tree for your pet will depend on her personality and size. The perches should be large enough to accommodate your cat. For an energetic cat or a fearful animal, you might purchase cat trees with hanging toys. There are numerous scratching posts available as well, so consider the kind of surface material your cat like, such as wood or sisal.

You must carefully think about where you want to place your cat tree. Although you don’t want it to be in the way, it should be maintained in a room of your home where your family spends a lot of time. If you place the cat tree in a seldom-used room, your cat is more likely to not use it. Additionally, by positioning the cat tree adjacent to a window, you may provide your cat a view of the outside world. Again, take your pet’s personality into account while selecting the best option.

Even while many cats like their cat trees, bear in mind that each feline is different, therefore your cat might not feel the need to utilize one. For cats who like them, cat trees make the perfect replacement for climbing onto your furniture. They provide cats with a safe haven where they may play, exercise, and feel in charge.

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