Why Cats Blink Their Eyes at You

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Cats typically make the “cat kiss,” or blinking of the eyes. Based on what cats blink their eyes and how wide open their eyelids are, cats’ eyes can send information.

With a little practice, both people and other cats can recognize the intense emotion that cats’ eyes convey.


When a higher-ranking cat gives a lower-ranking cat a lengthy, unwavering stare, the lower-ranking cat typically flees and turns tail. Aggressive cats employ long-distance staring as a strategy to restrict people from entering their territory. Even if the other cats aren’t aware of it, they are aware that the top cat is “guarding” particular locations, such the hallway leading to the litter box, and they won’t dare challenge or trespass!

Looking at a strange cat you’re trying to befriend outside is a bad idea since you’ll either scare him away or bring out his aggressive nature. You’re unlikely to succeed in making friends in either situation.


Through their eyes, cats may express or even hide their emotions. Slit-eyed expressions indicate strong emotions like fear or fury. Squinting also protects eyes from a potential enemy’s claws.

Katzen Eye Blinks

Conversely, wide-open eyes frequently express friendliness, attention, or even laughter. Kittens, who have not yet fully integrated into the hierarchy of cat culture, frequently exhibit these visual indications. It’s lovely to see how naive they both are when they first meet.

By blinking their eyes, non-aggressive cats can also express their non-hostile intentions. Cats make the gesture known as a “cat kiss” when they gently blink at one another and the individuals they trust. Cats who use this non-threat signal can interact with other cats more effectively. The “slow blink” was named by cat behaviorist and author Anitra Frazier of The Natural Cat.


In his book Cat Daddy: The Story of a Humane Society Front Desk Supervisor, Jackson Galaxy talks about how he uses the slow blink in his new role.

“Jackson put the ‘Cat I Love You’ slow blink to the test when faced with 45 caged cats screaming in fear during a thunder and lightning storm one morning at two in the morning. After a few hours, all the cats had stopped howling and had reverted to their “confidence and tranquility,” or “cat mojo,” as Jackson describes it. This was accomplished cat by cat, slowly blinking after slowly blinking.


Use it as a test. Next time you’re relaxed and your cat is staring at you across the room, look back and slowly close your eyes before opening them again while exaggerating greatly. Your cat will likely return the cat-kiss eye blink, and then you will arrive.

If you suspect your pet is sick, contact your veterinarian straight away. Always seek advice from your veterinarian when seeking information about your pet’s health because they have examined your pet, are familiar with its medical history, and can offer the best guidance for your pet.

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