What Cat Litter Is Best?

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Another reason cats detest litter boxes is if the box is fine but the litter is not. Fine, unscented clumping cat litter is preferred by the average cat.

Cats typically dislike the scented varieties that many people enjoy. They frequently resemble crystal litters as well, and most sizzle when wet, which is naturally unpleasant for a cat! Plastic litter liners are also hated by the majority of cats, thus it is best to avoid them. However, each cat is unique, and what one cat dislikes, another cat may adore.


Setting up a “litter cafeteria” is the greatest approach to determine your cat’s litter choice. You’ll need at least two uncovered litter boxes that are similar except for the type of litter they contain.” This allows the cat to select from a variety of possibilities.


Cats will preferentially eliminate in the most enticing litter box, allowing you to select the ideal litter for your cat. You may need to transfer litters one or two at a time, sort of like a challenge, where the winning litter goes up against the challenging litter until all options have been exhausted.

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