Therapy Cats

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A cat is not only a beautiful and cuddly friend, but it may also provide real treatment.


The Healing Power of the Purr

A cat is not only a beautiful and cuddly friend, but it may also provide real treatment.

Consider this When you arrive home, you feel as though this was one of your worst days ever. This international non-profit is dedicated to improving human health and welfare via the use of therapy animals. Shortly after meowing, your cat pounces on your lap. As you stroke her soft coat with your fingertips, she purrs, making problems seem less serious. You relax, appreciating that your feline friend anticipated your needs.

This common scenario is the basic idea behind therapy cats and animal aided therapy.


Bringing Up a Cat as a Therapy Pet

Cats chosen to be therapy animals must meet certain requirements. They should grow to be mild-mannered, tolerant of unfamiliar surroundings, and naturally friendly. Due to these reasons, retired show cats have typically been used; however, American shorthairs with calm personalities may also be appropriate.

Prior to participating in an animal assisted therapy program, a cat must visit the veterinarian to confirm that all of her vaccinations are up to date. Depending on her physical condition, training will begin. Crowds, loud noises, and frequent handling are all typical requirements for training programs.


How a Cat Becomes a Therapy Animal

Cats chosen to be therapy animals must meet certain criteria. They should end up being of a laid-back, gentle temperament, tolerant of new circumstances and, of course, be people friendly. For these reasons, retired show cats have been used primarily, but even-tempered American shorthairs may also qualify.

Before a cat enters an Animal Assisted Therapy program, she must first go to a veterinarian and make sure her shots are up-to-date. If she’s physically sound, then training begins. Training programs typically include being exposed to loud noises, crowds and frequent handling.


A cat visits the place where she will reside or work with an animal-assisted therapy after completing this training. The trainer and the cat meet with the in charge there to discuss the primary goals of the therapy. Once a cat has met specific criteria, she is ready to fulfill her function as a good citizen, providing unshakable love and support to someone in need.

For more information about animal assisted therapy, visit Pet Partners. Bills need to be paid, your job is stressing you out, and everything that might go wrong has.

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