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About Kanaani

Weight: 7-11 lb

Physique: Muscular, long

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Best Suited For: Households with plenty of space for allowing their cats to run and play; may not be suitable for households with small children

Temperament: Active, energetic, playful, affectionate

Comparable Breeds: Ocicat, Savannah

Height: 12-16 inches

The Kanaani breed’s past

A novel hybrid cat breed from Germany, the Kanaani appears to have originated at the Ha Jeruschalmi Cattery in Jerusalem in the 1990s. The local African wildcats were crossed with domestic house cats.

The breed was designed to have the appearance of an African Wildcat, but its temperament was intended to be suitable for a household environment.

The Kanaani cat is not only incredibly intelligent and dedicated, but also agile, vivacious, and athletic.

Qualities of breeding

In addition to being intelligent, affectionate, and athletic, this breed is also nimble, lively, and playful. Since Kanaani cats like to climb and jump, your home should offer lots of stimulation and exercise, such as a huge cat tree and a wide range of cat toys.

In addition to giving your pet enough room to play, you should be able to supervise his playing as much as you can to prevent him from getting into mischief, damaging household things, or getting hurt.

This hybrid breed has a bit of a wild nature, so you should make sure you have enough time to devote to caring for it. It may not be the best cat for a family with young children. Additionally, this breed is probably not for you if you’re seeking for a cat who is exceptionally calm and delicate.

Detailed Description

The elegant Kanaani cat is really beautiful. Its size can range from medium to enormous, despite the fact that it is a slim breed that will be incredibly athletic and powerful. The legs and neck are both long and slender, and the paws are rounded. Additionally, the tail is extremely long and tapering towards the tip.

On top of the skull, a Kanaani has enormous, widely spaced ears. The eyes are also big and distant, and they could be green or yellow-green.

The hairs on the short-haired Kanaani are close to the body and have little undercoat. The base color and pattern frequently have ticking, and the fur has a coarser rather than softer texture.

This cat will have spots on its coat that are horizontally or diagonally aligned, bars on its legs, rings around its tail, and rings around its neck, giving the impression that the cat is wearing a necklace.

The stomach usually has patches and has a light beige tone. It will also have a white or light beige throat and chin.



These cats come in a variety of colors and patterns, such as spotted and marbled ones. Among the hues are seal, chocolate, cinnamon, beige, and cinnamon.

Grooming requirements

Because of the short coat, grooming is simple. You only need to brush your pet’s fur occasionally to keep it soft and gorgeous.

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