Take Your Cat to the Vet Week 2012

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Throughout the week of August 18-25, 2012, we will be reminding you to take your cat to the vet. (Twice year exams are recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association for feline patients.)

If everything is fine, there’s no reason for a week dedicated to encouraging cat owners to take their pets to the vet.

Cats are more popular as pets than dogs in the United States by a factor of 15 million, but according to the CATalyst Council and the American Humane Association, cats only make half as many trips to the veterinarian.


In reality, a 2009 poll by the event’s organizers, Feline Pine, indicated that less than half of cat owners brought their feline family members to the vet for anything other than serious illness.

Regular checks at the vet can help you spot problems before they progress into serious illnesses that are more uncomfortable for your cat and more difficult (and expensive) to treat.


In spite of this, we understand that many people are reluctant to take their cat to the vet because they fear the experience will be upsetting for both the cat and their own selves. Here are some ways to lessen the stress of taking your pet to the vet and more fully benefit from each visit:

  • Making your cat comfortable in his carrier
  • Tips on keeping your cat quiet during trips to the vet and other stressful situations
  • An insider’s guide to making the most of your visit to the veterinarian
  • Advice on What to Ask Your Vet

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