Somali Cats Breed Profile

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Characteristics, History, Care Tips, and Helpful Information for Pet Owners

Somali cats are lively, active, and have luxuriant locks and bodies. If you’re looking for a social cat with a wild appearance and an inquisitive disposition, take a look at the Somali cat. Due to their playful nature, Somali people make excellent comedians. They function best when the owner spends a lot of time at home because otherwise, they might act out when you’re gone.


Somali cats are unquestionably stunning, with long, silky coats and powerful bodies. However, if you decide to get one as a pet, make sure you’re prepared because they can be quite mischievous. To learn more about this endangered species, continue reading.

Breed Overview

  • WEIGHT: 8 to 12 pounds
  • LENGTH: 11 to 14 inches
  • COAT: Long
  • COAT COLOR: Smooth coat in red, ruddy, blue, fawn, and sorrel
  • EYE COLOR: Green or gold
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: 10 to 14 years

Characteristics of Somali Cats

Affection LevelHigh
Kid-Friendly Medium 
Pet-Friendly Medium 
Exercise Needs High 
Playfulness High 
Energy Level High 
Intelligence High 
Tendency to Vocalize Low 
Amount of SheddingMedium 

The Past of the Somali Cat

Long-haired Abyssinian cat variants known as Somali cats have a largely unrecorded history. Some specialists claim that a recessive trait for long hair was introduced into the population of the Abyssinian breed when other cat breeds mixed with purebred Abyssinians in the early 1900s.

The first Somali, at the time regarded as a “long-haired Abyssinian,” was shown off in Australia at cat displays in 1965. At that time, breeders began to genuinely develop the Somali as a breed. All of the major cat organizations currently recognize the unusual and rather rare Somali cat breed.


Care for African Cats

To keep somali cats looking their best, their fine, silky coats require frequent brushing. Brushing the Somali’s coat once or twice a week will keep it untangled. It’s usually fun to groom a Somali cat, which makes your job much easier.

Think about giving your Somali family member a home dental hygiene routine. These cats are prone to periodontal disease, so you might want to set up recurrent veterinary dental cleanings for them.

Somalis are energetic, intelligent, and active cats with somewhat high activity needs when compared to other cat breeds. Play with them a lot throughout the day to help them release their energy (plus, it helps you two bond).

If you’re feeling very bold, you can even stroll your Somali cat while attached to a leash. Somalis benefit from this since they like to be outside and engage with others. Due to their great intelligence and desire to play, Somali cats are also easy to train. They have been observed occasionally engaging in fetch games and learning entertaining behaviors like sitting and staying. Just make sure to keep rewarding and fun sessions going.

Somalis who frequently exercise and take part in training programs that tire their bodies and minds are less likely to cause difficulty at home. However, if you leave your Somali home unattended without using them, you can come home to a trash can that has been turned upside down and tissues that have been shredded.


Common Health Problems

All cats are prone to some inherited diseases. Although most Somali cats are happy and healthy, they occasionally have a higher risk of contracting a few genetic diseases.

Some Somalis might have pyruvate kinase deficiency, a hereditary disorder that can cause anemia, just like Abyssinian cats. Adult Somalis are more likely to be found in shelters.

The eye condition known as progressive retinal atrophy may also be more prevalent in Somalis. It causes progressive blindness in cats. Ask your breeder whether their cats have encountered this issue to learn if your kitten is susceptible.

Like the majority of other cat breeds, the Somali cat is prone to plaque and tartar buildup, which can result in periodontal disease. Brush their teeth on a regular basis with pet-specific toothpaste to prevent this. You should also plan irregular professional teeth cleanings. For more specific guidance, consult your veterinarian.

Food intake and diet

Every cat breed has different dietary needs. Every cat has a different palate, and cat owners are familiar with how particular cats can be. However, Somalis need high-quality cat food that is abundant in protein to keep in good health due to their high levels of activity and muscle build. Choose foods with high-quality ingredients, such as fish and chicken, rather than those with unnecessary fillers that offer nothing in the way of nutritional value.

The best resource for you is your vet. They can give you recommendations for the foods that will be best for your Somali cat.

Where to Find a Somali Cat for Sale or Adoption

If you’re considering purchasing a Somali cat from a breeder, be sure they are reputable. Inquire about hereditary diseases and whether their animals have received clear medical reports. All cats (and people, for that matter) are prone to different diseases, thus breeders that assert that their cats are disease-immune are lying to you.

Although there isn’t a guaranteed method to ensure you won’t receive a sick kitten, by thoroughly researching the breed and being knowledgeable of what to expect, you can significantly lessen the risks. And before selecting a breeder, do your homework to make sure the company is reliable.

You don’t have to limit yourself to breeders, though—sometimes you can get Somalis in animal shelters as well. If you intend to purchase your Somali from the breeder, ask about a test for this condition before making a decision. Investigate regional animal shelters and rescues to gain a better understanding.

No matter how you go about it, adopting a Somali cat will be a treat. Here is a list of places to look for your new animal friend:

  • Front Range: Somali Breed Council for Abyssinians and Somalis Kahali Cattery Catfood Site

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