Snowshoe Breed

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About Snowshoe
Weight: 8-12 lb
Physique: Muscular
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Best Suited For: Families with children and other pets preferably another cat.
Temperament: Intelligent, vocal, active, playful and likes water. Shy with strangers
Comparable Breeds: California Spangled, Egyptian Mau
Height: 9-11 inches

Snowshoe Breed History

In the 1960s, Dorothy’s Siamese in Philadelphia gave birth to three kittens with colored points and white feet. In an effort to produce the unusual trait, Hinds-Daugherty began mating seal point Siamese cats with bicolored American Shorthairs. Despite the fact that the initial generation lacked Siamese points, they were crossed with Siamese again to obtain the Snowshoe look. Vikki Olander took up Hinds-responsibilities Daughterty’s for the new line. The Snowshoe was classified as a “experimental breed” by the Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF) and the American Cat Association (ACA) in 1974.

The Snowshoe was honored as a champion by the CFF in 1988 and the American Cat Fancier’s Association in 1990 because to the tireless efforts of Olander, Jim Hoffman, and Georgia Kuhnell. In 1993, The International Cat Association approved of it. The Snowshoe is still very rare in modern times. The desired marks are produced by color-factor-recessive genes. Due to additional genetic characteristics that make pairing predictions difficult, pairing predictions are difficult to make.

The Snowshoe is renowned for its caring, affectionate temperament and placid demeanor.


Qualities of breeding

The Snowshoe is renowned for its caring, affectionate temperament and placid demeanor. With people, other animals, and children they get along nicely. If there is another cat around, cats can typically tolerate the time when their people are away at work. They don’t like being left alone for long periods of time. Because of their Siamese heritage, the Snowshoe are highly vocal when they have something to complain about.

Thankfully, they don’t scream as loud as a Siamese, but they can still be heard. The Snowshow is knowledgeable and adept with its paws, learning how to open any door quickly. They are open to learning new abilities and like playing in moving water. Even some folks can swim. Generally speaking, they are active cats who want to use the highest point in the space as their own private observation tower.

Detailed Description

The Snowshow is a medium to large cat with beautiful blue eyes, a pointed coat, and white markings on its legs and paws. They can have huge ears with somewhat rounded tips and either a “apple”-shaped or a triangular-shaped head. The tail is ordinary in length. Overall, the outcome is a distinctly appealing Siamese cat with a larger and rounder body that has a distinct Siamese appearance. However, these cats possess the same strength and agility as their Siamese ancestors.


Regardless of the color of its coat, a Snowshoe must have the distinctive white feet and other white markings, which are typically found on the stomach, chest, and face in addition to the paws. Each registration has varied requirements because the breed is new and unique. Common colors include blue, lilac, lynx, fawn, chocolate, and seal points.

Grooming requirements


Snowshoe cats have medium- to short-length silky, bright coats. Although these cats do shed seasonally, there won’t be a lot of free hair because they don’t have a thick undercoat. There isn’t much grooming required, but the gregarious Snowshoe is always up for a thorough brush because it means spending more time with its owner.


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