Should Adopted New Cat Be Trained To Use The Litter Box?

by catfood

Any cat that goes into a new home feels stress, and some cats adjust more slowly than others. The best method to help your new buddy adjust to his new surroundings is to give him some time and a place to hide. Again, if at all possible, move slowly and gradually as opposed to allowing your cat run amok in a strange environment.


Your new cat should initially only be permitted in one room of the house, which should be outfitted with all the necessities: food, water, a place to lie down, a place to hide (this doesn’t need to be anything fancy; cats love having a cardboard box or paper bag to cover in), something to scratch, and a litter box. Additionally, now is the perfect time to stock the litter café with your cat’s favorite meals.

Spend a lot of time with your new cat during this period, but avoid pressuring him; instead, wait for him to come up to you. Moving slowly is essential since different cats may chose to hide for a week or go out exploring on the first day.


Once your cat has grown accustomed to this area of your home, it’s time to give him or her access to a little bit more of the house. There is only one word you need to keep in mind while bringing a cat home: SLOWLY! If your new cat shows indications of stress, you may need to give him more time to adjust and restrict his access to a smaller area of the house. Almost all cats can quietly adapt to your home if given enough time, love, and patience.


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