Preventing Lost Cats

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How to Prevent Your Cat from Going Missing
After the summer festivities, there are a lot of open doors, which can tempt a cat to stray. Use the tips below to ensure your cat is safe!

  1. Update the information on your chip!

If your cat doesn’t already have a microchip, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian or inquire at your local animal shelter about microchip clinics.

Even if you hope you never need it, if you don’t have one you don’t want your cat to be lost.

  1. Just in case, make sure the collar on your cat fits properly and that the contact information on the tag is readable.
  2. Prepare in advance. In case any posters go missing, make sure you have recent, accurate images of your cat on available.
  3. Give your cat access to a litter box, food, and water in a secure area. The cat is inside and shouldn’t be allowed out, according to a visible sign.
  4. Request that while the party is going on, your guests keep an eye out for your cat.

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