How To Calm A Hyper Kitten

Calm A Hyper Kitten Where does all of this energy originate? Although they are definitely cute, how can you quiet a feisty cat? Try these soothing, Zen-inspired advice for cat owners! Dealing with an excessively energetic kitten can be difficult because the average kitten is… Read More

Chinese Li Hua

About Chinese Li Hua Weight: 9-12 lb Physique: Wide, strong, sturdy Lifespan: 9-16 years Best Suited For: Any cat loving family, families with children and other pets, singles Temperament: Loyal, easygoing, loving, intelligent Comparable Breeds: American Shorthair, Toyger Height: 10-14 inches Chinese Li Hua Breed… Read More

Skookum Cat

About Skookum Cat Height: 5-6 inches Weight: 3-7 lb Physique: Short, stocky Lifespan: 10-15 years Best Suited For: Any cat-loving household, including those with children and other pets Temperament: Sweet, smart, easygoing, energetic, affectionate, playful, curious, calm Comparable Breeds: LaPerm, Munchkin The Skookum cat breed’s… Read More


About Sphynx Weight: 10-12 lb Physique: Lean, oversized ears Lifespan:10-15 years Best Suited For: Active households with children or other pets. Temperament: Curious, playful, mischievous, and intelligent Comparable Breeds: Oriental, York Chocolate Top Breed: 10 Height: 8-10 inches Sphynx Breed History Currently, there are Sphynx… Read More

California Spangled

About California Spangled Weight: 8-15 lb Physique: Strong, long body Lifespan: 9-16 years Temperament: Loving, active, docile, social Best Suited For: Families with kids and other pets, anyone who loves cats, those in search of an exotic looking cat Comparable Breeds: Bengal, Ocicat Height: 8-10… Read More

Cat Health: What Is Toxoplasmosis?

What Is Toxoplasmosis, Exactly? This problem is not just caused by the litter box. Here’s how to avoid getting toxoplasmosis, which can affect both humans and cats. Toxoplasmosis is certainly something you’ve heard of before if you own a cat. You may also be aware… Read More


About Tonkinese Weight: 6-12 lb Physique: Dense and muscular Lifespan: 12-18 years Best Suited For: Families with children or singles with other pets Temperament: Active, curious, lively, intelligent, playful, and interactive Comparable Breeds: Ocicat, Sphynx Height: 8-10 inches The Tonkinese breed’s history The Tonkinese were… Read More