Loyalty Day: Are Cats as Loyal as Dogs?

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On May 1st, celebrate Loyalty Day with your dogs. Cats are also devoted!

Commitment Day, a lesser-known May 1 holiday, honors American liberty and the reaffirmation of one’s allegiance to the United States. It’s also an excellent time to express gratitude to your pets for their commitment.


Dogs are often seen to be the ultimate of loyalty. Since Lassie saved Timmy from a well, dogs have been portrayed in the media as loyal, faithful, and “man’s best friend.” Cats, on the other hand, are known for being distant and aloof. Do you recall Lady and the Tramp’s cats? In my house, this is not the case. My cat is just as loyal as my dogs.

The Cat was the first to arrive, and she is still madly in love with me.

First, some background: I’ve had my cat since before I met my spouse. We got a dog shortly after we got married, and then another. A year after the second puppy, we brought home a vivacious newborn son.

Throughout all of these upheavals, my cat has remained by my side. She puts up with being chased by two hyperactive dogs and our obnoxious youngster, but she still purrs when she cuddles up next to me on the blanket. She’s the first person to greet me in the morning, and she never allows me to read a book without sitting on her lap. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.


Cats Need Love Before They Can Give It

Cats, in my perspective, are naturally reciprocating. That means we have to earn our cats’ devotion before they will return it. That is not always a bad thing. We simply need to put in some effort. When we show children that we love, respect, and care for them, they will return the favor tenfold. Their love, like all truly meaningful things in life, must first be acquired.


Because they want to be

In my experience, dogs are group creatures with a very established hierarchy. If you’ve ever watched one of those dog training shows, you’ll know that the alpha dog rules over the other dogs in the pack. Cats appear to be independent. They don’t think you’re better than them. They believe you and are on an equal footing with you. Because of this, you can’t force them to do anything. Everything they do is because they want to. Cats can be quite devoted, but unlike dogs, their devotion derives from a desire to be true to you. This considerably improves its value.

So, on this Loyalty Day, I’m paying tribute to my cat loyalty. Like the American Revolution, my cat’s devotion did not come easily. In the end, she’s shown to be just as loyal as my dogs, which makes her presence in my life much more special.

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