Keeping Cat Away from the Table

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Q: We’re having trouble keeping our 2-year-old cat away from the table! Since she was 13 weeks old, we’ve tried everything (spray bottles, stern voice, keeping her in her room, etc.), but nothing has worked. Every time we turn around, she’s up there.

We feed and water her, play with her, pet her… Despite this, she insists on being present. Is it even feasible to break this habit now? – Meg H.

A: Cats with a natural urge to climb will engage in this behavior. You can accomplish the following:

Give your cat appealing options.

The solution is to provide her with suitable higher-up alternatives, such as a cat tree or wall shelf. Apply catnip to the appropriate spot, give her dinner there, caress and praise her there, and so on to make it desirable to her.

If you notice her getting on the table, gently take her up and gently guide her to the proper location, then offer her positive attention while she’s there.


Reduce the table’s attractiveness.

Another thing you could try while teaching her to prefer the new place is to make the table less enticing. It’s a little strange at first, but purchase one of those plastic carpet runners from office supply stores and place it upside down on the table with the nubs sticking out. Cats avoid getting up on the table because they loathe walking on this surface.

Sticky Paws is another temporary solution you can use on the table; it’s similar to double-sided tape but is safe for furniture and does not appeal to cats.

CDBC, MSW Blake, Mychelle

Deputy Director of APDT and Pet Trainer

Nevada’s Las Vegas

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