Is Cat Huffing Bad for Cats?

by catfood

Cat huffing is not a feline equivalent of an illicit substance. Cats have a wonderful fragrance! Examine whether this cute trend is appropriate for you and your pet kittens.


Have you ever heard the expression “cat huffing”?

No, it’s not a feline equivalent of an illegal street substance. Cat huffing is the practice of continuously burying one’s face in a cat’s body (usually the neck or belly) and inhaling the kitty aroma. Cat huffing has no known negative consequences as of yet, however it can be extremely appealing, akin to catnip for humans.

Here are a few reasons why individuals sniffing their cats is a strange – yet endearing – occurrence:

You’re on a Kitty Cat High.

After reading the first paragraph, did you go smell your cat? If you haven’t already, go try it now. Cats have a pleasant odor. Regular grooming helps to maintain their fur clean and healthy. Their fur is pleasant and perfumed. It’s a soothing fragrance that transports you to lazy summer days spent sunbathing and running across the grass. It’s no surprise that cat huffing has become so popular.


It’s healthier than a bag of chips.

Do you go to the kitchen when you’re unhappy and eat a whole bag of chips (or whatever nasty habit you’ve developed to cope with worry and tension)? Cat huffing outperforms it significantly. Spending time with your pets reduces stress and may reduce risk factors for cardiac illness. Cat huffing, when combined with the super-calming perfume of kitten fur, will bring you in stress-free nirvana.


Cats love it as well.

Do you think your cat would enjoy huffing? Think about it again! Cats like to be noticed. Nothing makes your cat happier than your caressing and cuddling. Just make sure your cat is happy before taking her up or disrupting her snooze. Don’t huff if she’s in one of those moods. She’ll quit sniffing when she’s had enough. Above everything, be gentle and avoid the claws.


Huffing a Cat Doesn’t Require a Cat

You don’t have your own cat? That is perfectly OK! You can still reap the benefits of cat huffing. You can borrow it from a friend if the cat doesn’t mind. Visit a shelter instead and show those cats some much-needed love and attention. Just be careful not to get more than one – or three!

Proceed with caution. You are welcome to stroke your kitty’s velvety fur. Or do you already enjoy cat huffing? Tell us in the comments!

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