If I Fits, I Sits: 10 Cats Who Squeezed Themselves Into Tiny Spaces

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It’s no secret that cats can be peculiar. The random bursts of activity, chattering teeth, and butting faces are just a few of the odd behaviors that cats display. But among all of their peculiar behaviors, one stands out as the craziest and has even gained online notoriety.


Cats will cram themselves into tight spaces like bowls, shoes, sinks, boxes, and even flower vases, as the idiom “If it fits, I sits” (or “If I fits, I sits) explains.

They have the advantage of having incredibly flexible spines, which enable them to squeeze into some unusually small and small niches. But why do cats favor secluded spaces for relaxation? The most common defense is that they feel secure, safe, and at peace knowing that they are out of reach of a predator if the sides of a box, basket, or bowl are touching their body. That is logical, isn’t it?

“If it fits, I sits” has produced some truly beautiful photographs for the internet by ignoring our natural tendencies. See 10 cats who pushed their bodies into small spaces to hear the call of the wild by reading on.

Animals in a Box

A cat has cuddled up in every single cardboard box there is, including pizza boxes, shoe boxes, and shipping boxes. In actuality, your cat will probably prefer a plain cardboard box to the 100% natural latex and memory foam cat bed that costs much more than your own mattress.


The Cat Who Takes No-Water Baths

Although many cats detest being wet and some detest taking baths, no one has brought up empty sinks in the bathroom or kitchen. In fact, they are the perfect cat-sized place to cuddle up, unwind, and utterly obstruct your morning routine.

The Interior Decorating Cat

Baskets are a very common accent in the realm of interior design. Why? They are very practical and reasonably priced. They can hold some kinds of houseplants, cats, extra pillows or blankets, cherished knickknacks, and they provide some natural texture to a room. You heard it here first: a cat snuggled up in a handwoven basket will be the biggest (and prettiest) home décor trend of the year.

The Helpless Cat Assistant

While working in the yard in the summer heat can be challenging, having a helper might reduce some of the sweating and back pain. That is, unless the helper decides to take a little snooze on your garden hose.

The Best Cat Birthday Present

What could be more enjoyable than spending your birthday while being showered with love, cheer, and thoughtful gifts? if one of those gifts happens to be a lovely kitten!

(Spoiler alert: We don’t recommend giving animals as gifts before you’ve had a lengthy talk about it with your spouse, family, or roommates. Before presenting the recipient with a pet as a surprise, you must be certain that they are ready to do so.


Discerning punk rock cat

When you’re a punk rock cat, you have to be selective about where you sit. a Backstreet Boys DVD box set, please. No way. an array of Nike footwear? Never. Besides a Vans box, there is really only one other kind of shoe box that this punk cat might be seen stuffing himself into: a Doc Martens box.

The stuffed kitten

Cats often snuggle up in a cot, car seat, or stroller, whether it’s just to be close to the baby or because they’re jealous of all the attention the little people get. But if allowed outside, this cat would completely redefine the definition of the term “Crazy Cat Lady.” Just a bonnet and pacifier are all she needs to really step it up.

The World’s Most Traveled Cat

Is it just me, or do your pets appear to have a sixth sense about when you plan to go on vacation? Curl up in your handbag or baggage like this cat to make sure you won’t travel the world without him.

Preparing Kitty

If you’ve ever helped your mother in the kitchen or worked in a restaurant kitchen, you can attest that every great cook has a permanent frown. This foodie cat, who enjoys relaxing in a salad bowl, is no different.

The Cat That Finishes Tasks

Remember how difficult it was to complete your tasks when you were a child. How difficult would it be to get your kids to do their chores if you had kids? This cat, who likes to lie down in cabinets, actually likes to put the dishes away before lying in the cabinets and getting them filthy (and hair-covered).

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