How to Stop Kitten Biting

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Q: I have a 10-week-old male cat who bites all the time. He hasn’t been neutered yet. Will he give up once he arrives? I tried using a water bottle and gently blowing on his face, but neither seemed to work. – Kami H.

A: Good day, Kami. You must supplement the training by providing him with the desired behavior and then reinforcing it.

What is the problem with the water bottle?

The water bottle or blowing simply tells him to stop but does not provide him enough information about what you want him to do instead.


Understanding the causes of kitten biting

Kitten biting habit is akin to that of puppies. It’s not about aggression; it’s about children using their lips to explore their surroundings. If we’re lucky, they’ll learn not to do this from their mothers or littermates. However, they do not always learn that this is not suitable from their litters.

How Can You Keep Your Cat From Biting?

When he bites you again, yell “OW!” and get up, walk away from him. You’re teaching him that biting creates distraction. Second, praise him with a food, toy, or whatever he enjoys every time he doesn’t bite you while you’re playing. He will ultimately realize that biting leads in the loss of you, whereas not biting results in continual enjoyment and attention.

CDBC, MSW Blake, Mychelle

Deputy Director of APDT and Pet Trainer

Nevada’s Las Vegas

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