How to Safely Give a Pill to Your Cat

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Medication administration can be notoriously difficult for cats. Consult a veterinarian! If your sick cat starts coughing or throwing up after ingesting a tablet, there is good reason to stop trying to provide the capsule using the method you are employing. The most common method of administering medications that can cause problems is dry pilling. If you’ve ever attempted to swallow a dry aspirin without liquids, you’ll be able to appreciate how challenging it can be.


Dry pilling can be dangerous for cats.

Dry pilling can result in pills getting stuck in your cat’s esophagus, which connects the mouth to the stomach, if there isn’t a water “chaser.

You should use a “liquid” chaser when dry pilling, as will be discussed below. The reason for this is that pills and capsules may end up getting “stuck”. Despite the fact that we usually image capsules as having a smooth, gelatinous surface, dry pilling can make them easily lodge in the esophagus. If someone regularly dries pills, it is possible for many capsules or tablets to get lodged in a cat’s throat.


Using a liquid cat food for your cat

One method recommended by veterinarians to prevent issues with dry pilling is to offer 6ml of water right after the dry pilling using a needle-free syringe or dropper. It may seem impossible, but you can get a cat to drink. After pilling, dispense a liquid using a syringe. It tastes better and is easier to take than tablets. The water chaser should be given right away after dry pilling.

Dr. Lisa Pierson, a veterinarian, advises approaching your cat with the syringe from the side or back to give liquids more effectively rather than forcing it into its mouth. Keep the cat’s head level rather than tilted back to facilitate swallowing. After dry pilling, you should be careful not to give the liquid chaser too quickly and should give your cat some time to eat.


How to Avoid Dry Pilling Through Food

Fortunately, there are additional tactics you can use to prevent problems while administering oral medications to your cat. You might be able to manage medicating your cat with food and treats.

To keep a pill hidden, put it in a pill pocket or other pill-masking device.

  • You can purchase or make your own medicine containers. Pre-made pill pockets are soft, cone-shaped appetizers with a hole in the center for the pill.
  • The infrequent provision of a favored reward that is free of pills encourages compliance with subsequent pilling. As a result, the pill will start operating more quickly after entering the stomach.
  • Give your cat a little portion of an usual supper of canned food before pilling. Give your cat a tablet when that happens, and then after it has consumed the medication, give it extra food. The tablet will be simpler to swallow as a result.

Avoiding Pills by Making Your Own Medicine

If everything else fails, ask your vet for guidance on how to provide your cat’s medication in a different method. Your cat’s medication might taste better as a result, however it might cost a bit more.

  • To generate liquid doses, several pharmacies combine flavorings with prescription medications. Either plain water or low-sodium broth should be put into a pet syringe, which you can obtain from your veterinarian’s office.
  • A compounding pharmacy can also transform some medications into an ointment or gel that can be applied to the inner ear of your cat.

After attempting at least one of these treatments, you and your cat should no longer feel the stress and misery brought on by dry pilling. This will stop the medication from your cat’s becoming stuck in its throat and stopping it from being absorbed in the intestinal tract.

If you suspect your pet is sick, contact your veterinarian straight away. When in doubt about your family pet’s health, always see your veterinarian. They have examined your pet, are aware of its medical history, and may be able to offer the best guidance for your pet.

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