How To Choose a Cat Scratching Post & Get Them to Use It

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Choosing the Best Cat Scratching Post

You should provide your cat with a variety of scratching options so he can choose which one he prefers. Cardboard, sisal rope, wood, and upholstery or carpet are all good starting points, and they should be presented in a variety of formats. Most cats prefer vertical posts, as previously stated, but some prefer horizontal posts and still others prefer slanted posts.


Make as many scratching posts as possible available throughout your home. If you can only have one or two, place them strategically in areas where your cat spends the majority of his time and where he is currently scratching inappropriately (if that is the case). Once you’ve determined which scratching post your cat prefers, place more in various locations.

Getting Your Cat to Scratch a Post

A cat does not need to be taught how to use a scratching post; they are already familiar with it! Furthermore, pinning your cat to the scratching post and forcing her to drag her claws across it may frighten her and teach her to avoid it entirely.


To reinforce good behavior, praise and a tasty treat should be given to your cat for proper scratching etiquette. You can even entice your cat scratcher to investigate the posts by sprinkling catnip on top of them or hanging toys from the tops. Put the posts in places where the cat is likely to climb.

Finally, don’t get rid of your cat’s favorite scratching post if it becomes unsightly. They’ll have broken it in by then! Many cats prefer shredded and torn objects because they can sink their claws into them and mark them with the scent glands in their paws.

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