How Quick Absorb Litter Can Make Your Life Easier

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The majority of cat enthusiasts agree that one drawback of owning cats is having to maintain kitty litter boxes. Scooping the cat box can occasionally be a duty you dread, especially if you have a large cat population. Some of the primary problems with the majority of clumping cat litter include the following:

  • Smell too-wet clumps that break apart when scooped clumps that stick to the bottom and corners of the box
  • Heaviness
  • Dustiness

Sounds familiar to you? These are common problems that cat owners deal with. For best results, scoop solids and clumps using a basic litter scooper every day. Clumps remain in one place, and smells linger. It quickly becomes old for both of you and your kitties. We all know that cats can be very particular, especially when it comes to their litter boxes. If the litter box is ugly, your cat might start looking for alternatives. Accidents may occur around the house as a result of this.

Some cats develop negative tendencies and behavioral problems. Fortunately, a new litter has arrived and it will change the way you feel about cleaning the litter box. Arm & HammerTM Clump & SealTM AbsorbXTM is outstanding because it is made with desert dry minerals that absorb moisture in seconds and create fast, rock-hard clumps to trap and seal odors.


Why Use Desert Dry Minerals?

Soft sedimentary rock that naturally occurs in arid climates makes up diatomaceous earth. It is the ideal component for cat litter because it is naturally light and has excellent absorption capabilities.

Avoidance of odor

The desert dry minerals in AbsorbXTM quickly absorb urine and adhere to faeces, containing odors. This suggests that you won’t have to constantly smell the cat’s waste, even if you have to keep your cat’s litter box in a small space. Cats, especially those who reside in homes with numerous cats, will appreciate the reduction in odor.


Lumping Action

Some cat litters don’t create clumps that are sturdy enough, which leads to clumps that break apart and shrink to sizes that are difficult to scoop. The clean litter may quickly turn dirty due to the lingering urine-soaked detritus, necessitating more frequent litter replacement. AbsorbXTM cat litter quickly absorbs urine, causing clumps that are very difficult to break up. This makes scooping clean and simple by getting rid of flaky, sticky clumps.

This is a huge benefit in multi-cat households as one cat might use the litter box just after another and break up wet spots before they can harden. Clumps are also less likely to stick to the sides and corners of the cat litter box and won’t need to be scraped off while sweeping due to the quick liquid absorption.


Many cat owners find it difficult to lug heavy litter boxes throughout the house. AbsorbXTM litter is about 50% lighter than Arm & HammerTM litter, which is lightweight. It will be simpler to handle when it’s time to change the litter as a result. You should clean the litter box more frequently; your cats will enjoy it.



The dust-free recipe leaves less residue on your cat and in the area where you keep the litter boxes.

How to Use Clump & Seal by Arm & HammerTM AbsorbX

Three to four inches of AbsorbXTM should be present in a dry, clean litter box. You might find that you put off scooping the litter box and that you do so too frequently. As often as necessary, fresh litter should completely replace the old litter. Litter boxes will need to be changed more often in households with several cats.

Offering more than one litter box to a cat usually makes them happy since cats want options. Experts recommend that there be at least one additional box for every cat. Cats won’t have to wait in line to use the restroom, which lowers their risk of developing behavioral issues.


A cat litter box’s placement is very important. Cats should have access to litter boxes, but you should keep them away from busy or noisy locations. If required, you might want to think about changing a piece of furniture to hide the litter box.

Some cats dislike covered litter boxes, especially in multi-cat houses where another cat might “sneak up” on them while they’re in the box. Cats may feel confined and small inside sealed containers. Cats want to have their own area, but they also don’t like to go far to go potty. An old storage bench or floor cabinet can be converted into a litter box hiding place with a few modifications, such as drilling cat-sized holes in the sides. As a result, the litter box will remain contained and more space will be available around it for the cat’s comfort.

See for yourself how rapidly liquids are absorbed by desert minerals by using Arm & HammerTM Clump & SealTM AbsorbXTM. You’ll admire how much easier life is for you thanks to AbsorbXTM.

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