How Do I Stop Litter From Tracking Everywhere?

by catfood

Living with cats has many benefits, but cat litter on the floor is not one of them.

After years of trial and error, I’ve found a few techniques that stop litter from hitching a ride on your cat’s paws from the litter box to your floor.

There are four methods for reducing trash tracking:

Use a thicker or bulkier litter: Clay litters and litters with larger bits, such as newspaper pellets, are less likely to get stuck in the paws of cats than lighter, corn- and wheat-based litters. Of course, not every cat is willing to try a new type of litter; learn more about choosing a litter that your cat will like.


Place a litter mat in front of your litter box to make cleanup easier; simply tip the mat over a waste bin. Simply clean the track pad as you scoop the box on a daily basis, otherwise the litter will gather and eventually crawl out into your floor.


Use a litter box with an integrated track pad: Some litter boxes, like the Booda Clean Step, contain built-in pads that catch litter when your cat leaves. There are numerous types of mats available, each with varying degrees of utility, but the most important thing is that your cat enjoys it as well. Because some cats are sensitive to certain textures, try putting a new pad in front of one litter box while leaving the other boxes mat-free to ensure your cat does not stop using the box. (My cats enjoy clawing their sisal litter mat as they exit the litter package, causing even more litter to come off.)


Trim the hair between your cat’s toes: Trimming the hair between your cat’s toes will help prevent litter granules from becoming trapped there and being tracked around the house for long-haired cats. The hair does not need to be trimmed too short, simply close to the paw pads.

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