How Cats Can Keep Your Healthy

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Your Cat’s Role in Your Life

It’s one of those days when your alarm doesn’t go off and you spend the whole day trying to catch up. Your car succumbs to age and fails while you are working yourself to fatigue on tasks and errands. When the tow truck has stolen your car and patience, it’s time to call it quits. Your worry and frustration levels have hit an all-time high.

Finally, when you get home, you are greeted by Oscar and Sasha, two beautiful felines rescued from the local SPCA. Your healthy without an incident since they arrived.


You enter the room, still reeling from the events of the day, but not before Sasha makes her usual fast body rub on your leg. Oscar crawls onto your lap after you’ve dropped your bags and snuggled up, signaling that he’d enjoy some ear and neck rubs. Your body gradually begins to relax as you converse. Your breathing starts to slow. Your shoulders are free of tension.

Without any effort, a smile appears. Before you know it, you and Oscar will be at peace and enjoying the occasion. In just a few minutes, your day’s thoughts have disappeared and your anxiety level has dropped, allowing you to let go of negative emotions that have built up over the last 10 hours.

Isn’t it amazing that a cat can do all of this? Yes, it is right. The act of stroking a cat for many minutes has been shown in tests to help release “feel good” endorphins in the brain, providing the stroker with a sense of tranquility.

When you have an Oscar or a Sasha to keep you company while reading the morning paper, loneliness isn’t all-encompassing. Depression and melancholy are exacerbated by loneliness or a sense of isolation. Pets provide both constant companionship and unconditional love. Staying at home alone, for example, after the children have gone to school or after a spouse has died, can be intimidating. However, petting is not the only way to ease tension. Their presence makes the house more complete.


Caring for a cat is pleasant and fulfills humans’ need to be caregivers. Shopping takes on a whole new meaning when you have a cat at home. You must add food, litter, and toys to your shopping cart. What joy awaits the devoted kitten when fresh treats and toys arrive!

Cats love to explore and discover what’s behind that shopping bag or behind that mysterious closet door. Interacting with your cat with a fresh feather wand or kitten fishing pole brightens your day. Laughter and grins come when they would not usually.

According to studies, the support of friends and family is vital in protecting our health.

When we treat our dogs as if they were family or friends, they help us maintain a healthy emotional balance.

Having a cat around fosters a sense of family, which contributes to a healthy balance. Pet owners visit hospitals less frequently than non-pet owners, and their stays are shorter when they do. Pet owners have an incentive to improve. They must return to the cat’s home!

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