How Can I Tell the Sex of a Cat?

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A new cat’s gender can be difficult to determine.

It can be difficult for novice cat owners to distinguish between the traits of a male and female cat, and it can be even more difficult to determine the sex of a kitten or a neutered male.


Continue reading to discover the best methods for determining your cat’s sex. However, there are several obvious signs and actions that might help you identify a cat’s sex more quickly.

Quick Tip

Unless the owner is a cat breeder, it’s critical to locate a reliable veterinarian who can spay or neuter the animal after a cat or kitten has been successfully castrated.

Cat Sexing

A kitten being adopted by someone is most likely only a few weeks old. Because of their immaturity, newborn newborns and early kittens are practically impossible to tell apart by sex. However, it becomes simpler to see their genitalia after they are six or eight weeks old. Since the penis is rarely visible in male cats, the owner is unlikely to be able to feel or view the scrotum. The apparent absence of a penis or testicles in a kitten does not, therefore, mean that it is a female.


Breeders frequently use “punctuation markings” to distinguish between male and female kittens or neutered cats. To do this, gently raise the animal’s tail; start by giving it a gentle pet; after that, try lightly scratching the animal’s lower back; the cat may raise its tail on its own as it begins to purr.

The genital region of a female cat will seem like an upside-down exclamation point () when viewed from below the tail, with a long slit of the vaginal area behind the anus. The anus and vagina are typically only separated by half an inch. Both the anus and the vagina may resemble kitten-like spots, and they may even be closer together.
Male cats: The testicles are situated in the centre of the anus and penis, which are more widely spaced in the male cat. More than slits or lines, these two holes resemble dots, circles, or a colon (:).

Older cats are spayed

When adopting an adult cat, use the same sexing technique as for kittens; this usually yields positive results for both neutered and “whole” cats. To tell a pet’s sex based on appearance and behavior will be easier if they haven’t been spayed or neutered. There is no noticeable difference in behavior between the sexes after spaying or neutering cats; any variations are probably the result of unique personality traits.


Unneutered tomcats have bigger jaws and plainly visible testicles, which make them “complete” cats. As they age, they have unique habits as well. Unneutered male cats frequently display greater activity and hostility. They are also more likely to spray pee to mark their territory than neutered toms are. A female cat that hasn’t been spayed will go into heat roughly every two weeks while it’s breeding season. As she searches for a partner, her behavior may drastically shift during this time. During this time, unspayed female cats tend to be louder and more vocally demanding.
Cats who have undergone neutering: If a female cat is adopted as an adult, hormone testing can be done to ensure the woman has been sterilized even though she still exhibits the upside-down “!”. Find out if a female cat has been spayed or not before she produces an unplanned litter. In the majority of neutered male cats, the anus and penis are still in close proximity, and the remnants of the testicular sac are still discernible. Neutered cats won’t display typical male or female characteristics. While neutered males tend to be more obedient than “whole” males, spayed females do not go into heat.

Differences between genders in appearance

All cats look pretty much the same, yet each gender has its own distinctive coloring and physical traits.

Particularly rare are male cats with tortoiseshell fur that is orange and black or tricolored calico. If a cat is calico or tortie, there is a very good chance that its owner is female.

Female cats rarely have orange, ginger, or orange and white striped fur. People who have an orange cat are probably also the owners of a male cat.

Pregnant cats are far more likely to have nipples that are clearly visible (though both males and females do have nipples).

Female cats in heat may have a small amount of mucoid vaginal discharge, while pregnant female cats will have a low-hanging, bloated stomach.

If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. For health-related questions, always consult your veterinarian, as they have examined your pet, know the pet’s health history, and can make the best recommendations for your pet.

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