Feline Coat Colors

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The two types of feline coat colors are deep colors and dilute colors. Red (also known as orange), black, chocolate (dark brown), and cinnamon are the four most well-known deep colors (light brown).

Before Eastern colors appeared in Western breeds, Western colors appeared to have infiltrated the Orient. The dilute colors are cream (also known as buff or tan), blue (grey), lilac (lavender), and fawn. Deep colored hair has pigment globules that are densely packed, whereas dilute hair has pigment clumps that are unevenly distributed throughout the hair shaft, resulting in a less-intense color. White hair is devoid of pigment.


Western-bred cats, such as the British shorthair and the Maine Coon, were initially only available in red, black, and their dilutes, cream and blue. Eastern cats (think Burmese and Siamese) were mostly chocolate and cinnamon, with dilutes of lilac/lavender and fawn. Each intense color is paired with a diluted color. However, due to selective breeding, many color variations are now seen across cat breeds.


To reflect our adoption of this terminology, expect a change in the organization of breeds and feline descriptions on Catfoodsite.com soon. Goodbye, “tabby – orange!” “Hello, tabby – red (orange)!”


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