Do Cats Play Fetch?

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Do you think that a dog can fetch the ball only? Think again! Discover the advantages of teaching cats play fetch and how to do so.

By just Googling for “cat plays fetch,” you can find a ton of hilarious cat videos online where cats play riotous games of feline fetch with everything from a tennis ball to a crumpled piece of paper. So why doesn’t your cat play fetch? Any cat can pick it up, right?


Why Cats Play the Fetch Game

Although playing catch is often associated with dogs, cats can also enjoy it because of their innate stalking and pounce hunting instincts. Cats aren’t known for being submissive, but considering how much pursuing a moving object resembles a hunt, it’s easy to understand why they may love it.


Some cat breeds may have a stronger desire to fetch toys than others. For example, the Maine Coon is known for being playful and lively. However, any vivacious and active cat may be convinced to play if the circumstances are favorable.

Teaching Your Cat

Playing with your cat is a great way to strengthen your relationship with them and give them some much-needed excitement.

The key to teaching your cat to fetch is in the object itself; it’s simpler than you might imagine. When selecting a plaything, it is essential to find something attractive. Pick a favorite small item or toy that your cat likes to play with. It’s also advantageous if it’s something your cat wouldn’t often have access to. Hide a special toy away and only bring it out to play fetch at the casino to make it more alluring.


Pick a good moment to play. You can’t expect your cat to get up to play fetch when she is sleeping. Instead, watch for signs that she finds something funny. Additionally, you might want to tease her with the item initially rather than throwing it away right away. Get her attention by making use of the toy’s sound, such as a jingle or crinkle. If she won’t chase the object, try a few different ones until you find one she likes.


The hardest part of teaching your cat to play fetch may be getting her to bring the toy back to you. Wait for your cat to drop it before bringing it back to the spot where you first threw it and trying again if she doesn’t catch it right away. Repeat this until your cat understands that in order to be thrown again, the toy must be moved to the starting position. Be sure to congratulate her and encourage her if she begins to carry it back by herself.

I take it your cat enjoys fetch?

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