Decoding the Mysterious Habits of Cats


The Mysterious Habits of Cats

What is your cat thinking when she exhibits bizarre cat behavior? Let’s take a closer look at your cat’s peculiar behaviour and the causes behind them.

Cats are rather fascinating, even to experienced cat owners. Their inability to be fully understood keeps you on the edge of your seat, which is one of the reasons they are so interesting to be around.

Even if we adore our feline companions and their quirks, it would be a welcome change to be able to understand their occasionally strange behavior. Because of this, we’ve gathered some information to help us explain some of your cat’s odd behaviors.

Why Do Cats Suddenly Decide to Run Across the House?

Except when it happens in the middle of the night and you are startled awake, it’s actually pretty funny when your cat decides to speed across the house and act a bit wild. What’s up with this odd behavior, anyway?

Some experts claim that it is related to how active your cat is. He only needs to squeeze in a quick cardio activity to expend any remaining energy. Because he is far less active than outdoor cats, who hunt regularly throughout the day, your indoor cat will feel the need to burn off more energy.

The moment your cat will decide to perform around the house and jump up and down on your furniture for amusement, however, is impossible to predict. Toys that simulate hunting can be used to play with your cat.

Why Do Cats Strike a Vampire Pose?

When your cat threatens to bite anything, have you ever seen him first smelling it? The flehmen response is exhibited by a wide variety of animals, not just cats. Simply put, the vomeronasal organ, also known as the Jacobson’s organ, which is situated in the roof of your cat’s mouth, is being used. Because the perfume he just absorbed is so enticing, your cat will carry it up into this organ to further study it.

The Reason Cats Look Upward

If their cat suddenly becomes fixated on what appears to be nothing at all, some cat owners might get a little uneasy. They might even start to wonder if their cat is staring at anything strange. But it’s much more likely that your cat is simply using his keen senses to take in his surroundings. He most likely has the capacity to perceive information that is inaudible to your eyes and ears.


Why do cats thrust their butts up in the air when you pet them?

Cats often raise their butts in the air as you pet them from head to tail. What are they trying to say to you? Your cat is pleading with you to scratch a tasty area around the tail’s base. Your cat will let you know whether he’s one of the many that likes to have that area scratched by lifting his butt and guiding your hand in the general direction of where he likes to be stroked.

So there you have it. Even though this isn’t a full list of all the unusual feline habits that pet owners frequently observe, we hope this information has at least partially helped you understand some of your cat’s odd activities.


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