Chausie Breed

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Chausie is a true athlete in a cat’s body, lanky, limber, and statuesque. The Chausie is a huge, exotic-looking cat with a long, slim frame and seemingly inexhaustible energy. It is graceful and well-balanced. Her thick chest, short tail, and sloping nose are balanced by sharp cheekbones and huge tufted ears. The short coat of the Chausie can be brown-ticked tabby, solid black, or grizzled tabby.



The Chausie — pronounced Chow-see — is athletic, dynamic, and always on the move! She’s easygoing and even-tempered, making her an excellent family companion. The Chausie is an outgoing, friendly, and vivacious cat who bonds deeply with her human family and likes plenty of fun – she’ll probably keep her kittenlike behavior far into maturity!



The Chausie’s origins can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, who admired these cats for their easygoing disposition and natural hunting ability. The Chausie got its name from the Latin name “felis chaus,” which translates to “jungle cat.” The Chausie can be found from the Nile Valley to the Caspian Sea, as well as in South Asia all the way to Vietnam. Mummified Chausies were unearthed in Egyptian tombs, where they were interred alongside their owners to serve as companions in the afterlife.

When the Chausie breed mated with domestic cats such as the Abyssinian, hybrids began to develop from North America to Southeast Asia, and while this occurred millennia ago, the first recorded hybrid breeding occurred in 1990. Breeders have labored since then to improve the Chausie, one of the largest domestic cat breeds, which was registered with The International Cat Association in 1995 and was completely acknowledged in 2013.



While the qualities listed below are common for this breed, cats are individuals with unique personalities and appearances. For more information about a specific pet, please contact the adoption group.

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