Cats And Car Rides: How To Get Them To Mix

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Cats And Car Rides

Dogs adore and even look forward to car trips, however cats are cautious creatures of habit who prefer to stay on solid ground in a familiar setting. Teaching a cat to accept riding in a moving automobile can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Additionally, you’ll lessen your pet’s stress if you wish to take him on a trip or to the vet by doing this (after all, becoming at the vet is stressful enough on its own).

Start early

A kitten has an easier time adjusting to the circumstance and becoming used to it to the point where he is no longer stressed by it, even though any cat may be trained to tolerate being in a car. Therefore, start his training as soon as you can.

Getting Your Cat to Enjoy the Carrier

Many cats experience anxiety when pushed inside the carrier and transported to the veterinarian, but you may reassure your cat within the carrier. Before employing the natural floral essences and pheromones indicated below, start by purchasing a comfortable carrier your cat would enjoy, such as a soft-sided carrier filled with blankets and a catnip toy. Keep the carrier out even if you don’t have any vacation plans so that your cat becomes used to using it freely and doesn’t perceive it as a threat.

Put flower essences to use

Bach Flower Essences are all-natural remedies that can help animals with a variety of ailments. They have no side effects and are regularly prescribed by holistic vets. Rescue Remedy is the go-to Bach Flower Essence for animals experiencing any kind of stressful circumstances, including a car ride. You can start giving your pet the prescription up to a day before your anticipated departure; after that, you can continue giving it to them frequently while they travel. But if you start getting positive feedback, you might want to reduce your donation.

Four to eight drops can typically be applied all at once. The treatment can be administered orally; just be careful not to contaminate the dropper and ensure that it at least makes touch with the mucous membranes for absorption (it doesn’t need to be consumed to work, though). Even better, you can apply it topically to your cat’s head and ears by putting a little in your hand and doing so. Last but not least, consider putting some in your cat’s water or wet food bowl.

Another benefit of Bach Flower Essences is that they function when sprayed in a cat’s environment. To help your pet feel less anxious, spritz the container before putting him inside.

Try pheromones.


If the Bach Flower Essences don’t work, you can also try a product called Feliway, which contains a feline pheromone that helps an anxious pet become calm. Use this product exclusively in the carrier; avoid spraying it directly on your cat.

Practice makes perfect.

After you’ve done everything you can to make your cat comfortable in his carrier, the next step is to make him comfortable inside the vehicle. To master this, a lot of time and effort are required.

Bring your cat inside and fasten the carrier to the seat as though you were about to go on a ride. Instead of putting your pet in the driver’s seat, make sure they are calm and sit next to the carrier. Once your cat starts to act at ease, reward him with a treat. Repeat the exercise frequently until your cat can wait patiently for a long period without getting his reward.

It’s time to test your pet with the motor running once he is accustomed to traveling in the car with the engine off. Use the same system of rewards. Then, begin making extremely brief trips; at first, go around the block, then stray a little bit further each time from your residence. In order to get your cat acquainted to the curves and varying speeds, you should eventually drive him on the highway and to and from the veterinarian’s office. Giving him rewards for remaining composed will ensure that he enjoys the journey.

Even while many cats never fully acclimatize to automobile trips, the goal is to at least get your cat to a position where he isn’t overly stressed by the experience. As a result, you’ll feel less stressed.


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