Cat’s Real Color

Cat’s real color come in such a gorgeous range of colors and patterns! Every breed also has unique mixes of its own. Despite the fact that it would be virtually difficult to describe every color-pattern-breed combination, there are a few common colors and patterns that… Read More

Make Your Cat Enjoy the Car

If your cat dislikes the car, getting him or her to the vet can be challenging. For many cats, riding in a car is an unpleasant experience. For some, though, it is the worst thing that could happen to them (according to them, at least).… Read More

Part III: Dealing with Feline Aggression

Adviser for Companion Animal Programs C.P.D.T. Jacque Lynn Schultz National ExpansionThe first installment of this three-part series on cat-to-human biting and scratching addressed play aggression, pain aggression, and over-stimulation. Part two covered both fear/defensive aggressiveness and misdirected aggression. In this third part, we’ll look at… Read More

Part II: Dealing with Feline Aggression

Two of the most dangerous types of feline aggression are fear/defensive aggressiveness and misdirected aggression. The fear and high-arousal components of various types of aggressiveness can result in deep multiple bite Cats Who Are Terrified Jitters spits and hisses at Alice, the new neighbor, as… Read More

Households Are Being Destroyed

Cats in home can cause tremendous households are being destroyed by tooth and nail. Pica is a practice in which some cats devour houseplants as well as undesirable materials such as dirt, leather, and wool. Others indulge in a classic feline pastime: scratching the furniture… Read More

Marking – Spraying

This Land is My Land Lynn ushered me into the living room and offered me personally a seat on her sofa. An elegant cat named Perry peered at me from a nearby armchair and then ambled over to the front door to sniff my shoes… Read More