Cat Treadmill Works as a Feline Personal Trainer

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Cat Treadmill

Cat treadmill

The Little Cat is a wholly unique idea that was created by a South Korean company by the name of Pet Ding.

You probably don’t think of “walking” your cat for exercise because she is perfectly content to laze around fat and at ease. Why would you, too? The Cat Treadmill is a feline personal trainer.

We are entirely lying. We essentially think that The Little Cat personal trainer is the cat’s meow since it is just that. That is, unless you want to shell out $1800 for a cat hamster wheel.

Your chubby cat should tell its fluffy companions farewell as the new year has arrived. The Little Cat, a $1800 “personal trainer” for cats that doesn’t resemble a hamster wheel, is now available.

Because pet obesity is a major issue—always it’s increasing and leads to a number of health problems that can shorten your cat’s life. Additionally, according to Pet Ding, if your cat is bored out of its mind it may start circling an LED light, which is interesting to cats everywhere.

The Little Cat interfaces with your iOS or Android apps and enables you to adjust things like the treadmill’s speed from your phone. It was debuted at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and arrived in the United States at the end of March.


Who doesn’t like to think, “What the eff?” What is that overweight cat thinking as they workout every day and you cruelly make her work for her food?

Although we believe that the look on your cat’s face should be enough to convince you of the effectiveness of this little man, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out for sure. Additionally, the app offers helpful health information.

Prepare your checkbooks as soon as possible. You’re conscious of your desire for one and the fact that your cat will hate you for it. What else is new, though?


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