Cat Purring Have Healing Effects on You

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The purr of your cat may warm even the coldest heart.

You may benefit from hearing your cat purr. Did you know that?

It’s tough to ignore a cat purring quietly. Can a cat’s purr be therapeutic in addition to making you feel happy and content? Some experts share this opinion.

Good Vibrations

Between 25 and 150 hertz is the range of a cat’s purr, and sound frequencies in this range may really promote positive outcomes like improved muscle healing and greater bone density.

Experts think that purring is a way for cats to keep healthy bones and muscles without expending a lot of energy as they store energy while sleeping and recuperating during the day. Therefore, one theory as to why cats purr is that it aids in their healing.

Wavelengths of Healing

According to research, the body may experience positive changes when exposed to vibrations tailored to specific frequencies. As an illustration, the vibrations may promote bone development and regeneration, strengthening weak bones and accelerating the healing of fractures. Higher frequencies may also urge the body to produce its own anti-inflammatory compounds, which would help to reduce swelling and joint pain. Furthermore, the right frequencies might even speed up the rehabilitation of tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Veterinary studies show that hip dysplasia and other bone diseases like arthritis are uncommon in kittens. Cats are also less likely to have bone cancers. And experts claim that purring may help cats who are having respiratory problems or who need to recover from surgery.

Elizabeth von Muggenthaler, a bioacoustics researcher, hypothesized that cats’ purring might act as a healing mechanism in light of her findings. Muggenthaler found that the typical housecat purrs at a frequency ranging from 25 to 50 Hz, proving that different feline species have distinct purring frequencies. He researched a range of felines, including domestic cats, servals, ocelots, and cheetahs.

Advantages for people?

Is a purring cat only beneficial to the kitty or can it also heal you?


Studies have shown that exposure to frequencies between 20 and 50 Hz may improve bone density, speed up muscle and tendon repair, and reduce pain. Vibrational stimulation may also benefit astronauts, whose bones tend to become less dense in zero gravity. Even sports medicine has included it.

Studies suggest that those who live with cats may have a lower risk of cardiovascular problems, such as high blood pressure and heart attacks. The fact that petting a cat can also make you feel less stressed may have something to do with it.

We Love Them No Matter What!

Whether or not cats can actually heal people, we still like them. Like other pets, cats can bring joy and affection into your life, which may be for the best. If you’ve been considering adding a cat to your family and possibly even enjoying the physical and psychological benefits of his calming purr, visit your local animal shelters. There are many kittens and cats eagerly awaiting even their forever homes.


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