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Cat Person is the best choice for cat food delivery

Find out more about our approach. We investigate, test, assess, and objectively propose the best items. If you buy something after clicking one of our links, we might get paid.

Why shouldn’t pet food change in the same way that subscription boxes and meal delivery services have revolutionized home cooking worldwide?

Cat food delivery services are perfect for pet owners seeking for higher-quality formulas, fresh or raw meals, and other options that have the same nutritional content as a home-cooked dinner in addition to saving time by eliminating a second trip to the shop (without any of the prep work). Whether you’re looking for exceptional wet food or premium kibble, we’ve selected the best cat food delivery services that will satisfy you and your furry friend.

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The best services for cat food in 2022

Overall winner is Cat Person

Why We Selected It: Cat Person blends its broad assortment with a persistent dedication to meals that are strong in protein and free of fillers. Wet food, dry food, treats, and monthly meal plans are all provided by the business.


  • Offers both wet and dry foods
  • Ability to create custom meal plans
  • Each recipe contains only 1-2 animal proteins


  • Only grain-free recipes
  • Can’t filter by dietary need

Cat Person is doing well despite being a relatively new player in the pet food delivery industry. The company is dedicated to providing low-carbohydrate foods with at least 50% more high-quality animal protein than is typically offered. Whether you purchase one of your cat’s wet or dry meals, that is advantageous for their overall digestion (there are various recipes for each). No formulation contains more than two sources of animal protein, and accessing comprehensive nutritional information is made accessible on the brand’s website.

We still enjoy Cat Person’s dependably excellent dry, pâté, and shredded alternatives, as well as the possibility to construct monthly meal plans that are particularly tailored to your cat’s needs, even if they only sell grain-free food. Pâté foods cost $7. They cost $25 for a pack of five 2.75-ounce cups, while dry items cost $11 for a 2-pound bag. Meal plan costs vary (you’ll save 10% on each order), but to ease your cat’s transition to the new food, start with a $20 starting box. Shipping is also free on purchases worth $40 or more.

Lowest cost: JustFood

Why We Selected It: JustFood, which specialized in dog food, also sells excellent wet cat food at prices that are more competitive than those of many other delivery-based options.


  • High in protein and free of preservatives
  • Affordable price point compared to other brands
  • Formulation helps keep cats hydrated


  • Only one cat food

With its fresh fish and chicken dish for felines, JustFood is expanding into the cat market even though it is better known for its delivery of dog food. This wet food is devoid of gluten and wheat and has no preservatives. It also has moisture-retentive yucca root in its formula to keep your cat hydrated throughout the day. In order to preserve the nutritional value of its ingredients, it is also delicately prepared. The meal is also of human-grade quality.

At $13.95 for an 18-ounce bag, JustFood for cats is more affordable than many of the delivery cat meals on the market. The company also sells salmon bark snacks, which are healthier than the conventional cat treats, but the lack of variety is its major drawback (the fish and chicken recipe is the sole choice).

Fresh food is excellent in small portions

Why We Decided on It: Smalls offers human-grade fresh food (along with options for raw food) in three proteins and two textures, with high-protein compositions free of preservatives, fillers, and other questionable ingredients.


  • Multiple protein and texture options
  • Clear labeling practices
  • Raw and freeze-dried foods also available


  • Must click through multiple pages to see pricing details
  • Only offers subscription plans

The bulk of Smalls’ fresh cat food is made of high-quality animal protein and is free of any fillers or preservatives that you’d prefer to keep out of their diet. Both fresh meals and freeze-dried raw options are offered; the fresh foods stand out in particular because they are available in two “mouthfeels” (ground and pâté). By answering a few questions on your cat’s needs, you’ll be able to quickly create a meal plan that consists of only fresh foods or a combination of fresh and freeze-dried meals.

Depending on your specific plan, prices can vary widely. If we had one complaint, it would be that it might be difficult to compare different options without repeatedly filling out the website’s questionnaire.

Smalls will set you up and charge you $45 for a typical two-week sample. Once every four weeks after that (the down-the-middle plan we came up with cost $3.86 per day), you will feed your cat.

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The greatest brand of raw food is Savage Cat Food

Why We Selected It: There are numerous options available for cat owners who want to transfer their cats over to a raw diet, and Savage Cat Food is a firm that only provides raw cat food.


  • Focus on raw foods means more options than other brands
  • Clear, upfront pricing
  • No subscription requirement


  • More expensive than most high-end cat foods
  • Must keep product frozen until ready to use

Unlike some cat food delivery services that only provide one or two raw-based options, Savage Cat Foods is wholly committed to providing your cat with a raw diet. The company provides a selection of snacks that are a little more realistic than the typical cat treat, including chicken, rabbit, and duck in diced and pâté-like textures (think a whole quail, feathers and all).

We appreciate that each meal can be ordered à la carte in various serving sizes or as part of a subscription plan with shipments taking place every two to eight weeks. Just bear in mind that the price of this raw brand is higher than even that of luxury cat food; two 12-ounce tubs of ground chicken cost $20, and subscription plans can cost up to $180 per delivery.

For cats on special diets, Chewy is great.

Why We Selected It: Chewy is an online retailer of pet supplies, but thanks to its subscription service, you may select the cat food that is best for your cat and have it sent each month.


  • Thousands of food options
  • Discounts for subscriptions
  • Free shipping over $49


  • Few raw or organic options
  • No custom offerings

Nearly every pet supply you can think of is available from Chewy, an online retailer. For cats following particular diets, it’s a fantastic alternative because you can get practically every kind of food imaginable. Chewy is the best choice because it provides approximately 3,000 wet and dry varieties, making it the ideal choice if your physician has prescribed a particular diet for your cat.

Orders over $49 qualify for free shipping, which arrives in one to three business days. You can get prescription-only cat meals, which allow your veterinarian to send in a prescription, or over-the-counter pet food options to receive a veterinarian diet delivered directly to your house. The cost of the meal you select will vary, but Chewy offers both inexpensive and pricey options.

The greatest kibble comes from Open Farm

Why We Selected It: Open Farm’s premium kibbles are high in protein and free of grains, corn, wheat, and soy, which are fillers. They can be purchased separately or as a bundle with a subscription plan.


  • Protein-packed meals free of undesirable ingredients
  • Subscriptions available but not required
  • Ability to filter foods based on dietary sensitivities


  • Expensive compared to mass-market dry foods
  • Could use a few more options

Open Farm, which places a focus on using high-quality, ethically sourced goods, provides both wet and dry feeds. Its kibble is outstanding, with protein-rich beef ingredients free of hormones and antibiotics.

Available in 4- or 8-pound sacks, the dry food options include lamb, salmon, whitefish, and a turkey/chicken combo. Even though we’d like to see a few more kibble varieties, we value that each one contains “superfood” ingredients (such coconut oil and pumpkin) that promote digestive health and improve your cat’s coat’s gloss.

The best personalization for delivery is “Raised Right”

Why We Decided on It: A cat food delivery business called Raised Right uses human-grade ingredients and allows you to customize your order specifically for your cat.


  • High-quality, human-grade ingredients for your cat
  • No added preservatives
  • Vet formulated


  • Expensive compared to other cat food options
  • Only two options for cat food

Raised Right is a customized cat food delivery business that uses the best ingredients for humans with the help of renowned veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker. When you sign up, you provide details about your cat’s weight, activity level, and dietary needs, and they will give you three choices. Chow manufactured exclusively from Raised Right is the most expensive option; 50% Raised Right is the medium-priced option; and 25% Raised Right combined with 75% of the cat food of your choice is the least-expensive option. From those, you can select either chicken or turkey.

Pure, wholesome nutrients are the only preservatives that Raise Right utilizes. Although you can alter the delivery schedule, the company will make a suggestion based on the dietary needs of your cat. Depending on your cat’s size, activity level, and desired weight, prices will vary, but on average, budget more than $100 per month for the usual meal plan.

Final Conclusion

There is a delivery service out there for you, no matter what your kitty friend needs. There are numerous top-notch cat food delivery options available, each with a unique twist. However, Cat Person stands out from the competition because to its wide range of premium items and ability to create unique meal plans (without forcing customers into a subscription).

Frequently Asked Request

Final Verdict

There are plenty of stellar cat food delivery services out there, each with its own unique spin-whatever your feline friend’s needs, there’s a delivery service out there for you. However, Cat Person stands out from the pack thanks to its wide range of high-quality options and the ability to create customized meal plans (without forcing customers into a subscription).

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How Do Cat Food Delivery Services Work?

Most cat food delivery services allow you to choose the best food for your pet based on things like weight, age, and dietary needs. The pet food is then routinely delivered right to your door. Depending on what your cat needs, you can choose a delivery service that offers raw, organic, wet, dry, human-grade food, and more.

Are cat food delivery services better than buying it from a pet store?

While saving you the time and inconvenience of making in-person pet store purchases, a cat food delivery service may provide your cherished feline with food that is of a much higher caliber. If you’re seeking for cat food that can be tailored to your cat’s needs, a cat food delivery service can be a great option.

However, most cat food delivery services are more expensive than buying a bag of cat food from a big-box store nearby. For a more affordable solution, some pet owners mix freshly delivered cat food with name-brand cat food.

How Much Cat Food Can I Order? What Kinds of Food Can I Order?

There are several different types of cat food delivery services. Whether you’re looking for organic wet food, homemade kibble, or a custom human-grade option, delivery services typically have it. You may select your preferred brand of cat food and have it delivered to your house using a service like Chewy, which offers a subscription so you never have to remember to pick up your cat’s food.


With regard to cat food delivery services, we took a very broad approach, including both subscription-based businesses and more general producers and suppliers who will send cat food to your door. Our top suggestions include companies that use premium ingredients, offer a large selection of products or are experts in a particular area (like raw food), and allow clients to plan recurring delivery dates. We also considered how easy it was to obtain a brand’s calorie and price information, as well as if it was possible to purchase products separately rather than just as part of a subscription plan.


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