California Spangled

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About California Spangled

Weight: 8-15 lb

Physique: Strong, long body

Lifespan: 9-16 years

Temperament: Loving, active, docile, social

Best Suited For: Families with kids and other pets, anyone who loves cats, those in search of an exotic looking cat

Comparable Breeds: Bengal, Ocicat

Height: 8-10 inches

The California Spangled breed’s history

You guessed it, the California Spangled breed originated in California. It was designed in the 1980s to produce a domestic housecat with characteristics similar to those of ocelots and leopards, two wild cats.

Paul Casey and Louis Leakey worked together in 1971 to domesticate cats that resembled leopards and other spotted wild cats. Their goal was earnest, though, as it had been to raise awareness of the danger that poaching for leopards posed to the populace. If people possessed cats that resembled leopards and wild cats, they reasoned, they wouldn’t be as likely to buy their furs.

To create this distinctive breed, Casey and Leakey started by breeding numerous breeds, including the Siamese, Angora, American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Manx, and Abyssinian. They also contained stray cats from Malaysia and Egypt. By 1985, they had a cat that looked the part, and by 1986, it had been made public.

Due to their magnificent and exotic beauty, these cats were once very expensive, especially while they were still very uncommon. However, there are currently other breeds, including as the Bengal and Ocicat, that are frequently equivalent to the California Spangled. Even though they are a common breed, there are currently just about 200 of these cats left.

It was intended for the California Spangled cat variation to resemble a leopard.
Qualities of breeding

Despite looking like a little leopard in your home, California Spangled cats are domesticated. Instead, they develop into dedicated, sympathetic, good-natured, sociable, and subservient companions who yearn for human affection. In fact, individuals have trouble being left alone for extended periods of time since they often develop loneliness and anxiety.

These cats are extremely energetic, acrobatic, and athletic, and they like their owners. Like a wild cat would hunt for a perch in the woods to look down on everything, they often move to the highest locations in the house. These cats are energetic, yet they are also smart and easy to tame.

Detailed Description

The California Spangled is known for its short, spotted coat and muscular, tubular body, which together give it the appearance of a little wild cat stalking about your home. Its eyes are frequently a deep copper or pale amber color, and it has broad, prominent cheekbones that are sculpted.

This breed has distinct patches that may be triangular, square, round, or oval in shape. The cat’s sides and back are covered in spots, some of which have rosetted patterns. Dark bars are also visible on the tops of the forelegs.


For the California Spangled, colors including charcoal, black, white, brown, blue, red, gold, silver, and bronze are just a few of the options.


Grooming Requirements

The California Spangled does not require a lot of grooming. Instead, a weekly brushing session should be enough to keep the skin and coat healthy and soft. Plus, this cat will thoroughly enjoy the attention that it gets from a relaxing grooming session with its owners.


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