Birds for Cats How to Set Up a Bird Feeder for Indoor Cats

by catfood

Want a quick and easy way to keep your cat entertained? Place a bird feeder near your window! I did this recently and have already noticed some significant benefits.


Why set up entertainment for cats?

Giving your cat a way to stay active and entertained during the day lowers the chances of him or her developing behavioral problems. You might also notice these things about your cats:

  • Reduce your reliance
  • Increase your daytime activity and decrease it at night!
  • Improve your relationship with your house pets.

How to set up a bird feeder for your indoor cats

  1. Find a window at least 10 feet above the ground. Your bird feeder should be placed high enough so that feral cats and/or squirrels cannot reach it. Birds will come less frequently if they don’t believe it’s safe.
  1. Select the type of feeder that will attract the birds you want to attract. Different birds consume different foods and feed from various feeders. Investigate whether the birds you want to attract eat from platform or perch feeders, and what types of meals they prefer. (I installed a wide, flat feeder known as a platform bird feeder and filled it with suet bird food to attract cardinals and bluejays.)
  2. Check the security of your windows and window screens. Before you install your feeder, make sure the window and screen screens in that area are secure. Even if your window screens appear to be solid, notify your family that this window should no longer be opened. This keeps your cat safe and prevents him from falling out. If you have large glass windows without screens, put an indicator or reflector on the outside of the glass to keep birds from flying into it.
  1. Make it easier for your cats to see you. Make a cozy spot for your cats to observe the feeder. Include a window ledge pillow, a cat tree with a perch, or a shelf with a pillow to accomplish this. Simply place your cat’s perch at least 5-6 feet away from the feeder; otherwise, birds will not visit. (Watch the video below to see the perch I built for my cat Kura.)

After you’ve finished the previous steps, start adding food to the feeder and wait. It may take a few weeks, but birds will begin to frequent the feeder, and your cats will be happier than ever!

Do you still not believe me? Check out what my cat Kura and foster cat Peyton think of my new feeder:

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