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Are you attempting to choose the best name for your new cat? We have all the suggestions you need to select a cat name that is just great.

You just got a cat, but you want to give her the greatest name you can think of. You’ve come to the right place. Cat names can convey a cat’s personality, demeanor, or appearance, and on rare occasions, even your own.

Whether you’re looking for a well-known, eccentric, nerdy, hilarious, original, or global name, our list of the greatest cat names and best kitten names available is likely to pique your interest.


Cat Names from the trove of Petcentric

Are you trying to come up with some unique cat names? Find names for everything from colors and numbers to science and space on our list of unique pet names for extraordinary dogs.

For ridiculous cat name recommendations (what were they thinking? For pet names for siblings based on rich and famous people, beloved authors, foods, and more, visit our list of Silly Pet Names.

If you’re seeking for names with a more international flair, check out our 9 International Cat Names for Your Worldly Feline.

There are further ideas on our list of strange pet names that you may use to come up with even stranger names for your pet.

Unique Cat Names

Nerdy nicknames can be used to find amusing cat names. Consequently, you might consider these nerdy cat names!

It is unavoidable. It’s quite hip to be a nerd today. So why not come up with some amusing cat names that reflect both your own and your cat’s inner nerd?

No matter how geeky you and your cat are—whether a little bit or a lot—geeky names make fantastic and distinctive pet names.


Nicknames for retro nerds

  • Poindexter is the classic old-school nerd name.
  • The perfect name for your smart cat companion is Sheldon.
  • Milton: Despite being so nerdy, this name nearly sounds hip.
  • Cornelius is a nerdy name that has been around since the Roman times.
  • If your cat reminds you of your great aunt, Gertrude, you can call her Gertie.
  • Myrtle: This name suits a soft kitten like a cozy, well-worn sweater.

Scientific abbreviations

  • Honor Newton, one of the most influential scientists in history.
  • Comet: For nerdy kitties who are as mysterious as the cosmos!
  • A lovely nickname for a little cat that stands for quantum.
  • Bit: The origins of computing can be traced back to this shorthand meaning “binary digit.”
  • Turing: Alan Turing was one of the forerunners of digital computing, and since no nerd is complete without a computer, why not give your cat his name?
  • Plato the cat would make an excellent philosopher.

Nerdy honorific names

  • A great cat name is Zelda, especially if your pet is “legendary.” It was influenced by a video game.
  • The Star Wars universe is full of awesome nerd names like Boba.
  • Uhura: A great name for an old-school Trekkie. Another choice for fans of the Next Generation is Worf for the cat with a Klingon streak.
  • If your cat appears to be able to travel through space and time, why not give her a Dr. Who nickname?
  • Dr. Zaius: If apes can become doctors, so can cats!
  • Inara: This is the perfect name for your exceptional cat if you’re a fan of Firefly.

Cat names that are cute and sweet

Here are 20 creative and endearing cat names that are appropriate for all cat ages.

An Honorific Title Fit for a King or Queen

  • Princess Sparkle Paws is a lovely woman with a fantastic sparkly personality.
  • Alliteration sounds amazing, lovely Lady Lulu!
  • Prince Puddin’s is a cat that is both regal and decadent.
  • In homage of a lovely feline, Duchess Honeysuckle.
  • Sir Cattington III: A feline gentleman’s cat.
  • Use Lady Fluffy for a cute woman with a regal aura.

Sometimes a Classic Cat Will Request a Classic Name

  • Ohso Purrfect is the purr-fect moniker for a purr-fectly sweet cat!
  • Cat O’Meowly This name has a positive Irish vibe.
  • Half-Pint: Double the good in a smaller serving.
  • Dainty Mae is a lovely name for a gorgeous cat.
  • Lucy Blue Belle, for a classic southern lady.
  • Rosie Posie is just as cute as a poem for kids.

A Guide for Furry Socialites

  • Little Miss Mew-Mew is every bit as endearing as Miss Muffet on her tuffet.
  • Mr. McWhiskers: Maintaining a classy, modest atmosphere.
  • Mr. Warm Pants This one doesn’t require an explanation.
  • Meet Madame Purr-lina, a cat with a purr as valuable as a necklace of pearls.

For Those Candy-Coated Cats

  • Butterbean: A sweet orange Tabby cat would love it.
  • There isn’t anything sweeter than chocolate, unless it’s a cat named “Chocolate Truffles.”
  • For a feline as fascinated by the stars at night, think Twinkle Star.
  • A little too formal for such a truly lovely cat, according to Sweet E. Pie.

A cute cat need a similarly cute cat name. One of the most enjoyable aspects of naming a cat is taking the time to get to know its characteristics before deciding on the appropriate name.

Preferred cat names

To find the most popular kitten names, we turned to VetStreet. After evaluating the 652,536 kitten names in their database, they came up with the names Daisy, Gracie, Lily, Nala, Callie, Chloe, Kitty, Lucy, Bella, and Luna for female kittens, and Kitty, Tiger, Jack, Smokey, Simba, Milo, Leo, Max, Charlie, and Oliver for male cats.

View the most popular cat names on our list.

Making cat names with The Friskies

Do you want to see some ridiculous cat names that are completely unpredictable? Our pals at Friskies created the Friskies Cat Name Generator to help you do just that. Their cat name generator will come up with some really original names for your consideration after asking you just three straightforward questions about your cat. Here are some conclusions we were able to make: Howchow, Ruggy Duggy, and Whiskerich. really good

We hope this collection of cat names and suggestions will help you choose a name you’ll love for your new cat. Please let us know in the comments what your four-legged friends’ names are!

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