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The controversial Bambino cat is a cross between a short-legged Munchkin and a hairless Sphynx. Since the breed is so recent, not much is known about it at the moment, although there have been many disagreements on its creation.

Breed Overview

  • WEIGHT: 5 to 9 pounds
  • LENGTH: About a foot and a half long
  • COAT: Long
  • COAT COLOR: Black, white, cream, brown
  • EYE COLOR: Blue
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: About 12 years

Characteristics of the Bambino Cat

Affection Level High
Friendliness High
Kid-Friendly High
Pet-Friendly High
Exercise Needs Medium
Playfulness High
Energy Level Medium
Intelligence Medium
Tendency to VocalizeHigh
Amount of SheddingLow

History of the Bambino Cat

The name of this breed, “bambino,” which is Italian for “baby,” refers to its short legs and lack of fur. They are the progeny of a cross between a Sphynx cat with a recessive hairless gene and a Munchkin cat with dominant short legs.

There has been a lot of discussion over their creation. Because of their uncommon appearance, some people find them appealing, but it’s feared that they might be more prone to health problems.


Despite being a very new species—only having been identified in 2005—their popularity is growing quickly. Even among cat experts, there has been substantial debate concerning the intentional development of these genetic flaws similar to those of its Munchkin ancestor.

The International Cat Association has certified the Bambino as an experimental breed. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA), however, won’t because they oppose encouraging the reproduction of these genetic aberrations for aesthetic reasons.

Care for Young Cats

The breed is reported to have many characteristics with the Sphynx and the Munchkin. They appeal to certain people because of their distinctive appearance and because they are often amiable and affectionate cats.

They are known to be highly vivacious and enjoy interacting with others. They are not a cat that would adapt well to routinely being left alone for long stretches of time. They may also fit in homes with gentle children and other animals because of how social and caring they are.

Despite having shorter legs, bambinos are known for their enthusiasm and remarkable agility. Toys and other cat enrichment supplies must be readily available in your home. This will help keep children occupied and prevent undesirable habits from developing out of boredom. They may tire themselves more rapidly, though, and are unable to jump as high or as far as a cat with long hip and legs because to their shorter legs.


Some people may be lured to the Bambino breed because they believe it to be hypoallergenic. Despite the fact that it might not be as plentiful as in cats with full coats, they do have extremely light down. This still has the potential to set off certain people’s allergies.

Additionally, its coat needs a lot more maintenance than a conventional cat does. This is one of the contentious issues with the breed. They are substantially more sensitive to the cold and more prone to skin damage since they lack fur.

They would also be much more likely to develop sunburns. Make sure your infant is wearing cat-safe sunscreen or that it is not too hot outside before you take them outside. They usually do best in a lifestyle geared toward underachievers.

Because they lack the regular absorbent layer, their skin is typically much more oily. This implies that they can be more vulnerable to bacterial and yeast skin infections. The breeding techniques employed to produce them have a direct impact on these health problems.

Typical Health Problems

Since they are a young breed, little information regarding probable inherited illnesses is available. But it’s safe to assume that some of the issues that the Sphynx and the Munchkin have could also apply to the Bambino. They require more regular bathing than typical cats do in order to keep their coats clean. They are highly contested because of this.

The Bambino is more prone than the Sphynx to bacterial skin illnesses, as was already mentioned. This is because they can’t regulate how oily their skin is and because they have more creases.

Any cat can get lordosis, but studies have shown that the Munchkin, with its tiny legs, is particularly susceptible. Pressure is put on some of the vital organs as a result of the spine curving inward too much. It could be lethal in some situations.

It has been established that Munchkins are more prone to another condition called as pectus excavatum, which occurs when the breastbone caves in. Given that this illness may drastically lower the quality of a cat’s life, the prognosis is unknown. It may result in a variety of issues, such as respiratory issues, appetite reduction, and weight loss.

Nutrition and Diet

Similar to other cats, the Bambino will need a high-quality diet. They need food that is high in protein and has been carefully prepared for cats due to their inherently carnivorous nature.



  • Full of life and affection
  • For people with allergies, their lack of hair results in less dander.
  • They get along well with decent young people, other dogs, and cats.


  • Disagreement over possible health problems
  • It may be loud.
  • Their skin needs extra care and attention because it is hairless.

Where to Find a Baby Cat for Sale or Adoption

Because bambino cats are still in short supply, you might need to get on a waiting list or look farther if you decide you want to buy a kitten.

Do your research and be certain. This will allow dishonest backyard breeders to make money because of their rarity and growing popularity. These breeders’ kittens can be more susceptible to health problems and are presumably not given the best socialization or care.

Don’t disregard getting a cat as well. Despite the possibility that you won’t be able to adopt a Bambino, there are several healthier breeds with similar endearing qualities in rescues around the country. A great place to begin your search is with adoption of a pet.

Additional Cat Breeds and Further Study

Always do your research before deciding to welcome a cat into your home. There are several cat breeds available, some of which would be better suited to your home and many of which are less contentious than the Bambino.

Some additional breeds that may be appealing are:

  • The sphynx
  • The Thai
  • Birman in origin.

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