American Wirehair: Cat Breed Profile

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The American Wirehair is a young and yet rather uncommon breed. Its unusual wiry coat makes this cat, which is native to upstate New York and closely related to the American Shorthair, stand out.

They are well known for having a laid-back, sympathetic, and friendly disposition, which makes them great family pets.


Breed Overview

  • WEIGHT: 3 to 8 pounds
  • LENGTH: 12 to 15 inches
  • COAT: Medium-short, straight
  • COAT COLOR: Wide variety of colors and patterns
  • EYE COLOR: Usually golden, but also blue or amber
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: 14 to 20 years

Characteristics of the American Wirehair

Affection Level High
Friendliness High
Kid-Friendly High
Exercise Needs Medium
Playfulness High
Energy Level Medium
Intelligence High
Tendency to VocalizeLow
Amount of SheddingLow

History of the American Wirehair

According to specific sources, this breed was first domesticated in upstate New York in 1966. Unfortunately, the farm cat’s litter of domestic shorthair kittens only produced two survivors. The farmer’s attention was immediately caught by the little male due to his distinctive wiry coat and ginger and white colour.

He called in a reputable local breeder to take a look, and she was as horrified by the kitten’s appearance as he was. She agreed to buy them both right away so she could try to re-create this wiry coat in her breeding program.

It is believed that a rare spontaneous mutation led to the development of this particular coat type. Given that the mutation is dominant, at least 50% of kittens born to parents who have it will also have Wirehair.

The breed was officially certified for public recognition by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1967, and it was permitted for championship competition in 1978. Although they are still somewhat uncommon, they are spreading over the country and are incredibly cherished by breed enthusiasts.


American Wirehair Care

The American Wirehair is renowned for being a little reserved at first but developing a close bond with their owners makes them wonderfully cuddly and friendly.

Because of their tendency toward reserve, it’s essential to ensure that they were raised in a sociable environment as kittens.

After they settle into a new home, they have a tendency to be resilient, have very amiable dispositions, and occasionally act like doughy, warm-hearted clowns.

The American Wirehair breed won’t be content to lounge on your lap all day. Despite being a swift and athletic breed, they enjoy being caressed. They will need a lot of excitement and action to keep from getting bored.

If you spend the most of the day away from home, the American Wirehair is not the breed for you. They enjoy being surrounded by people. They typically get along well with well-behaved children and even domestic pets when gradually introduced to them.

Although this breed isn’t known for being boisterous, its regular purring when they are content lets you know when they are.

Their past as farm cats may have given them an acute sense of hunting. If they go outside, wear a bell on their collar, and remember that they can come home with a tiny surprise for you.

Caution should be used if you plan to house them alongside other small animals or birds. They can live together, but you must be willing to accept the possibility that they may always need to be kept separate.

The springy, rough qualities of the coat might differ depending on the texture of the parents’ coats. Some American Wirehairs have a smoother coat, though they may still have wiry whiskers. It will be the cats with the breed’s roughest, most densely furred coats. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The coat requires minimal maintenance. Since they don’t shed much, brushing it once a week to remove any dead hair should be adequate to maintain it looking vibrant and healthy.

They look similar to their American Shorthair relatives, but because of their coat and more pronounced, high cheekbones, they have a distinctive appearance all their own.

Common Health Problems

The American Wirehair is regarded as one of the breeds with the best overall health. They have undergone a very rigorous and trustworthy breeding program, and they are widely regarded as a hardy breed.

They frequently live very long and healthy lives, and there are currently no known inheritable ailments that are known to affect them.

Due to their harsh coat, caution should always be used when bathing or grooming them. The hairs may be more prone to breaking than in other breeds.

They might occasionally have a higher accumulation of wax if they have the coarse hairs in their ears. If there are any issues, you should routinely examine them and wipe them with a gentle cleanser.

Food intake and diet

Like any other cat, your American Wirehair needs to be fed a high-quality food. Cats need a diet high in protein and properly balanced in vitamins and minerals because they are obligate carnivores.

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  • Enchanting and amusing
  • The quiet breed is renowned for being extremely healthy.


  • They can be scarce, hard to find, and good hunters.
  • Not recommended for extended solitude

Locations where you can buy or adopt an American Wirehair

Make sure you constantly do your homework to find a reliable breeder. It is encouraging to know that American Wirehair breeders are considered as being quite responsible.

Because they are still somewhat uncommon, you might need to go further from home or sign up for a waiting list if you wish to adopt this breed.

It’s important to consider adopting a cat since it can be quite rewarding. Make contact with the shelter in your area.

Breeds of Cats Not Listed Here and More Research

If you want to find out more about breeds like the American Wirehair, why not consider the following possibilities:

  • Dexter the Devon American Bobtail British Shorthair

Numerous cat breeds exist, as well as some stunning hybrid cats known as moggies. With a little research, you may find the perfect fit.

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