American Bobtail

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About American Bobtail

Best Suited For: Families with older children or singles with other pets

Comparable Breed: Ragamuffin, Turkish Van

Lifespan: 15-20 years

Physique: Rectangular, solid build

Temperament: Highly intelligent, interactive, affectionate, and lively

The American Bobtail Breed’s History

The American Bobtail was created through natural selection. They are not the children of a bobcat and domestic cat hybrid. In the 1960s, breeders crossed domestic and feral cats with naturally occurring bobtails as a foundation stock to produce these tough cats with their untamed appearances and amazing temperaments.

After being acknowledged by The International Cat Association in 1989, they were approved for championship competition in the Cat Fanciers Association in March 2013. The breed is unrelated to the Japanese Bobtail and was not developed using pedigreed cats. The American Bobtail is an extraordinarily healthy animal, with no known genetic predispositions toward any specific health issues.

The American Bobtail is a fun-loving, gregarious, active, and insatiably curious dog that is happy to start fetch games and will execute amazing acrobatic leaps at any stray moth dumb enough to come flying by.


Qualities of breeding

The American Bobtail is a fun-loving, gregarious, active, and insatiably curious dog that will cheerfully initiate fetch games and will carry out magnificent acrobatic leaps at any stray moth dumb enough to flutter by up ahead. The Bobtail never looks more wild than when he is stalking a favorite toy, which he will almost certainly drop at your feet. Bobtails are naturally shy cats, but when they are happy and content, they will trill and chirp.

Unlike many cats, they enjoy walks and take to the leash with ease. They are nice and affectionate, and they talk to their owners frequently. The fact that these jovial charmers get along well with people, other cats, and even dogs shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, be on the lookout because bobtails adore flashy objects, which they will take and hide. Owners frequently recall finding items that their feline pals have hidden away in a “stash.”

Detailed Description

American Bobtail cats range in size from medium to enormous and have a robust, rectangular frame. Despite having a broad chest, they are still a very long cat and are sometimes described as stocky. Just the odd bath will be necessary. The cat’s little tail, which is one-third to one-half the length of a “normal” cat’s tail, should be visible above the back when it is attentive and interested.

The final shape of the tail may be straight or slightly kinked with bumps. It is versatile and expressive. The head and muzzle are typically wide and well-defined. The face is defined by a strong chin and a noticeable whisker pad. There is a general attitude of prudent supervision. The American Bobtail is an athletic dog with a confident temperament thanks to its prominent shoulders and hips. They grow slowly, taking around three years to reach their mature maximum size.


The American Bobtail has a wide range of coat patterns and colors, and its eyes can be any shade. Show animals often have a “wilder” appearance, which is what breeders most often value. Short or medium-length coats are the norm.

Grooming requirements


The simplicity with which American Bobtail cats can be groomed adds to their charm. Due to the presence of both short and medium-length coats, different levels of brushing are required. Loose fur should never touch the ground to lower the chance of matting. Just the odd bath will be necessary.


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