9 Ways to Welcome Home your New Cat

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Congratulations! You’ve just begun a relationship that will undoubtedly be full of fun and affection. You can shorten the rocky adjustment period that most new relationships go through by getting off to a good start.

Here have 9 ways to welcome home your new cat:

  • Take it slowly at first. It may take seven to fourteen days for a new cat to adjust to her new surroundings. Friends, neighbors, and relatives should be avoided until the cat is eating and eliminating on a regular schedule.
  • Give her a safe place to hide while she gets her bearings. She’ll enjoy being able to observe her new family’s daily activities from a small, dark space or from a vantage point high above the action.
  • Take your new feline to a caring veterinarian for a wellness exam within one week of adoption.
  • Feed her the same diet she had at the shelter for the first week or two. If you want to try a new flavor or brand, do so gradually over one to two weeks, starting with a quarter ration of the new food mixed in with the old favorite. After that, increase the new-to-old ratio by 10% per day.
  • Place the litter box in a low-traffic area. Don’t know which litter to use? The majority of cats prefer fine grain clumping litter. Try that first, unless the new adoptee is so young that she is in the litter-eating stage. Non-clumping litter should be used for kittens under the age of ten weeks.
  • Cats need to scratch, so provide them with a sturdy, rough-textured scratching post to prevent furniture wear and tear. Manicures for cats every ten to fourteen days also aid in damage reduction.
  • Cat-proof your home before allowing your new feline to roam it. Put away harsh cleaning products, human medications, and household poisons. Poisonous houseplants should be moved. Keep any breakables in a safe place and remember to keep the toilet lid closed if the newcomer is a kitten.
  • Once a young cat or kitten has settled in, he or she will be eager to play. Stock up on interactive toys like feather wands and kitty fishing poles to engage attention and direct energies toward a positive pursuit.
  • Make a comfortable perch for your cat on a sunny window sill – even better if it overlooks the birdfeeder! Seeing live birds and squirrels always beats watching kitty videos.

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