7 Reasons Why Cats Love Bathrooms

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As you undoubtedly already know if you know cats, most cats love bathrooms.

When you visit the bathroom, is your cat with you? Perhaps it scrapes across your legs when you’re in there. It might jump on the counter to relax in the sink even if you aren’t there. It might meow loudly and claw at the closed door. Some cats seem to want more attention when you are in the toilet than everywhere else in the house. Why is it that cats appear to enjoy going to the bathroom so much?

The restroom is a terrific spot to have some fun

Bathrooms may serve as playrooms for some felines. Both toilet paper rolls and a tub are available for play. There might be unusual things hanging on the wall, such towels and robes. They might be able to roll around on the floor and play with the rug or bathmat. A cat may have a lot of fun in the bathroom whether or not you are using it. After returning home to find their cat’s mess in the bathroom, many owners learned this lesson the hard way. There shouldn’t be a bigger mess for you to clean up, like excrement or urine in the sink or bathtub, we can only hope.

Most cats cannot stand the closed doors of their homes. The door to the bathroom is same. If the restroom door was closed and you were on the other side, your cat might become anxious. Some cats seem to learn that you’ll eventually close the bathroom door over time. They therefore want to be there to make sure they don’t miss out on the excitement. Cats are always curious about what is happening in their areas. Cats follow a single rule: doors should never be closed.


The moment is perfect for raising awareness

(So long as they set the terms.) Cats are attention seekers. Who wouldn’t pet an adorable cat that was rubbing all over their legs when they were in the bathroom, let’s face it? The cat seems to know that since you’ll be “trapped” there for a while, it will be easy to get your attention. Your cat might also be able to tell if you’re not immersed in work, a book, the television, or some other pastime. While you are there doing nothing very significant, they are showing you love and attention. After a bath or shower, many cats want to lick their owners. Insane cats!

Sinks, like cat beds

Think about the shape of the sink. The rounded sides seem to elegantly hug the feline body. It stands to reason that a cat would enjoy having a sink to relax and take naps in. You might like the sink’s coolness during the warmer months. During the winter months, the cat’s body heat may warm the sink, giving the inside a cozier appearance. While lounging in the sink, certain felines may lick water drops that fall from the faucet.


If You Can Believe It, Water

The majority of cats don’t like being wet, yet many prefer to be near bodies of water. A cat may drink pure water from the bathroom sink or bathtub faucet. Clean, moving water is just one of the many things cats like. Cats who like sinks occasionally enter them while the water is flowing. Even some cats like to drink bathwater or lick the wet tub!

Animals enjoy consistency

If you give in to your cat’s screams for attention, it may grow accustomed to seeing you in the bathroom. Your cat might be anticipating lunch if you feed it shortly after using the potty in the morning.

The cat looks out for you

Your aroma fills the entire bathroom, making you your cat’s favorite person! Because of the way you behave, your cat may infer that you spend time there performing vital tasks. Your cat can find it amusing to watch you go about your daily business there. Many cats will sit on the vanity and watch you as you brush your teeth or style your hair. Using the restroom could be quite advantageous for cat relationships!

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