6 Easy Ways to Making Your Cat Happy

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Making your cat happy is in both of your best interests, we can promise you of that.

You want your cat to be happy and purring, right? If you’re worried about your cat, there are some really easy ways to make sure it never gets bored or upset. By putting some or all of the following suggestions into practice, you might be able to provide your cat the enriched, happy environment she deserves as well as all the affection she needs.

Allow your cat to spend some time outside under supervision.

Some cats actually like being outside, while others are happy to live their entire lives indoors. If you think your cat might benefit from spending some time outside, you can provide for her requirements without compromising her health.

Instead of letting your cat roam free outside, take steps to teach it how to walk on a leash or build a catio so your pet can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air outside in a comfortable, secure space.

Establish the Kitty Highway.

Jackson Galaxy of the well-known television program My Cat from Hell usually advises giving cats a method to ascend to a high position so they can observe their surroundings. In addition to the more traditional choice of giving your cat a tall cat tree to climb, you may also create a “kitty highway” in your home.

Build cat-friendly perches and steps into your walls so your cat may climb up and navigate a space without having to be on the floor. It’s great if you have a cat who enjoys scaling the tallest points she can find.

Consider a Window Seat

In addition to the various cat furniture and beds you can put throughout your home to keep your feline friend pleased and comfortable, give your cat a nice window seat where she can sit and take in the outside world.

You can purchase a perch designed just for cats that is inexpensive, secure, and cushioned for your cat to sit on and look out the window. A bird feeder and a squirrel feeder can also be added to your backyard to attract local wildlife that your cat will enjoy watching.


Plants Cats Will Enjoy

Giving your cat some fresh cat grass and/or catnip is another way to keep your feline friend happy because cats will occasionally eat grass in the wild.

You can grow your own naturally or purchase these cat-safe plants from a reputable pet supply store or plant nursery.

A Friend for Your Cat

You might want to think about getting another pet if your cat is the only one you currently have. Finding your cat a friend can be the perfect remedy if she’s feeling lonely and bored because cats are sociable animals. In addition to keeping each other company while you’re away, they will sleep together, groom one another, and play together.

After adopting your new feline buddy, make important to introduce your other cats gradually and cautiously to help them get along from the start. It’s crucial to understand that your current cat might not first welcome the addition of a new cat to the family, but with the right care and attention—as well as enough of space for everyone to call their own—the cats will quickly become friends.

Additional essential rules for content cats

Maintaining a cat’s happiness is easier than it first appears. Give her access to nourishing food and clean water, and challenge her mind by forcing her to solve puzzles to win rewards. Then, plan numerous enjoyable sessions with the toys she likes to attack like prey to keep her occupied and help her burn off energy while exercising. Make sure her litter box is kept tidy, and provide her a cozy place to rest.


If you connect with your pet and give her all she needs to be happy, you’ll be happy too since you’re sure to have a lovely relationship with your furry best friend.

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