5 Ways We Know Cats Feel Love

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Every cat owner knows that cats feel love, but where is the proof? Continue reading to see how we know our kitties appreciate us.


Do cats have love feelings? Any cat lover will tell you that they do, but are we dreaming, projecting our own emotions onto our cats, or do they feel love in the same way we do? In the spirit of Valentine’s Day – and our own desire to put an end to the dispute – we’ve compiled a collection of anecdotal and scientific facts to prove once and for all that cats do have feelings.

  1. Cats are devoted to us and build strong bonds to us.

Dogs are seen to be faithful, whilst cats are thought to be aloof. Cats have stricter boundaries than dogs. Cats, on the other hand, can be passionately loyal and create close ties with their owners. Some are so powerful that cats have traveled hundreds of miles through strange country to find their owners.

  1. Cats are concerned about us even when we are down.

Many cats appear to understand when their owners are unhappy or depressed, and they respond affectionately or simply by spending more time close to them. Cats don’t expect humans to be perfect or to be on all the time. They accept us no matter how bad we feel. There have been countless tales of cats bonding with ailing family members and staying by their side throughout their illness. In hospitals and nursing homes, cats make wonderful service animals. They are solely interested in our affection and company and expect nothing in return.


3. Cats and humans both have “love hormones.”

When cats interact with one another and with humans, the “love hormone” oxytocin is released. Paul J. Nobody knows for certain if your cat is critiquing you, yet cats lavish attention on humans – and not just when food is on the table. According to Zak in The Atlantic, the brain hormone oxytocin is released not only when a new mother interacts with her newborn, but also in many casual – and especially intimate – human interactions, resulting in powerful feelings of love. He believes the hormone also triggers love feelings in cats.

  1. Cats protect us when we are in danger.

Our cats are constantly on the lookout for us. Cats have been seen guarding their owners against both enormous and small threats. They have been known to risk their life for the sake of their owners. We know of one cat who fought a deadly snake and ate the bite meant for her owner. Someone else helped her rescue her entire family, including the family dog!

  1. Cats provide us unconditional love.

Most importantly, we recognize cats perceive love because of the unconditional devotion they show us. Zak, a professor at Claremont Graduate University, and his team discovered the link. Unless a cat had a bad experience with humans, she will seek out her owner for affection in the form of play, rubbing, or even a conversation. The purr of a calm and affectionate cat can be distinguished.

While we may never know what is truly going through an animal’s mind, we do know how our cats react to us, when we need them, and when they are happy and content. We believe the issue has been resolved: cats actually experience love.

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