5 Fun Pieces of Litter Box Furniture

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We scoured the internet for the most beautiful, elegant, and cat-friendly litter box furniture.

Why? We want your cat – and you – to enjoy his litter box.


Check out these creative methods to transform your litter box from an eyesore to a work of art (almost):

Merry Products’ Cat Washroom Nightstand

Cats like uncovered litter boxes, but if your cat is fine with a covered litter box, consider this wooden cabinet that also serves as a nightstand or bathroom cabinet. The broad hole at the front allows for plenty of ventilation and allows even king-sized cats to stand erect inside.

Modern Cat’s Litter Hider/Bed

The elegant look of this box is only enhanced by the cat-friendly inside design. Ventilation holes in the cabinet’s rear keep your cat’s litter box aerated and light. If you have more than one cat, you can cut these ventilation slats out to create a second escape path for scared cats. (This can help you avoid litter box problems in the future.)


Make Your Own Litter Box Hider

Check out this do-it-yourself Ikea hack posted on Modern Cat’s blog if you spend your days sweeping up litter around the house. The built-in litter pad will help reduce litter around the house, and a motion-activated LED light is located inside the box.


Kitty-Shaped Cabinet Cutout (DIY)

Consider this simple DIY if you have a large cabinet at floor level that you can spare. Your cat will be grateful if you include the LED light from Sari’s design above.


DenHaus ZenHaus Modern Litter Box Enclosure

This stylish litter box holder offers plenty of ventilation and even a built-in skylight for your cat’s comfort. What’s not to love about this?

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