10 Tips for Flying with Your Cat

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10 Tips for Flying Safely with Your Cat


Flying can be feline friendly with some preparation and planning. Use these tips to help ensure a smooth flight when you next fly with your cat.

  1. Never fly your cat in cargo. Make sure to book a flight that will allow your cat to be in the cabin with you.
  2. Check with your veterinarian to be sure your cat is healthy enough to travel.
  3. Check that your carrier fits the airline’s requirements, and that your cat can stand, sit, lie down and turn around in the carrier.
  4. Confirm that any hotels where you’ll be staying allow cats.
  5. Be sure that your cat is wearing an easy-to-read ID tag on his collar. Check that your cat’s microchip is up-to-date.
  6. Try to book a direct flight to minimize stress for your cat.
  7. Ask your vet how often you should offer your cat food, water and access to the litter box while you’re en route to your destination.
  8. If your cat needs special food or medicines, pack extra to avoid emergencies.
  9. If your cat tends to be easily stressed, talk to your vet about possible medical help.
  10. Exercise, feed and provide water to your cat before starting your trip.

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